Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My new addiction!

As you all can tell I have gotten a little addicted to the blogging! Now everytime I take a picture my kids say "Mom, are you going to blog about it?" I hope I have not gotten too out of hand! It is an exciting time of year right now for our family. We only have 2 more days of school left after today. We all love the summer because we all have time off! We have a few short trips planned here and there. I am just excited to get to somethings I have put off that need to be done around the house started and or finished. I am sure the kids and Mark are excited to see my "to do" list also. I can keep everyone busy with it. Next school year will be a new adventure. I probably shouldn't even think about it because it is a whole summer away but it is on my mind. Madelynn will be moving on to the second grade and will no longer be in my class. Courtney will be going to our neighborhood school and no longer coming with me to the school I teach at. Whitney will be in high school. (with her dad and big brother to keep the boys away) Jordan will be a Junior! They are all growing up way to fast!

GO # 9!!!

Courtney's softball season is in full swing! This is her 3rd year playing. She has tried her hand at outfielder, shortstop, and second base. She does a good job and we love watching her!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Aunt Karin and cousin Hailey's Birthday!

It was Karin and Hailey's birthday's this week so we all went bowling on Saturday. It was fun. Madee fractured her arm a few weeks ago so she needed a bit of help rolling the big ball! It is so fun having her and the family so close!
Happy Birthday Girls!!!