Friday, November 20, 2009

My favorite Young Men/Women Activity!

We had the BEST joint activity on Wednesday night at church. ( I know that many of you fellow bloggers are leaders or parents to youth so I thought you might be interested in this idea) We put together some fruit and treat baskets and broke up into groups (of about 6 or 7 youth) and went to visit some of the older couples in our ward. The couples told us about what life was like when they were children and teenagers in the forties and fifties. At the house I went to Brother Snow told us about how he loved to go to the movies with his friends and the kids asked how much it was to see a movie. He told us 14 cents! He said his mom would send him to the store for a loaf a bread that cost 7 cents. The youth asked questions and then we closed with Brother and Sister Snow giving the youth advice on how to stay close to the Lord. We then met back at the church and the youth shared the things they learned from the different couples in our ward. The bishop then encouraged the youth to be sure and say hi to their new found "friends" when they saw them each week. The youth absolutely LOVED the activity. Jordan said he was so sad he did not invite his friend Zach he has been fellowshipping. Jordan said, "I heard we were taking fruit to old people so I thought Zack would not want to come. I wish I would have invited him. That was SO cool!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Madelynn's Baptism

We had such a great day on Halloween! Madelynn was baptized in the evening. Both sets of her grandparents were able to be there. She also had some aunts, uncles, and cousins there. A bunch of the girls from Mark's soccer team and some of my Laurels came too. And the most special thing of all was that Jordan baptized her. I was so proud and brought to tears. I am so proud of Jordan that he is a worthy priesthood bearer and that he wanted to baptize his sister. I am so proud of Madelynn and her decision to want to be baptized. It was quite a special day for our family. One of those times you want to never end! The only bad thing about the day was that Madelynn was quite sick. I just kept giving her Tylenol and telling her she would be fine. We had quite a time planning a day that everyone could be at her baptism and with people there from out of town and state we HAD to do it! We found out later that night that she had the infamous "Swine Flu" So we successfully spread it throughout the church and Chili's restaurant. I knew she was really sick when she did not want to go trick or treating and took her to the doctors office. She was given some tamiflu and was pretty ill for about a week. She is all better now thank heavens!