Sunday, September 26, 2010


Jordan and his friends. I could not get them to stop dancing to take a
picture so I just snapped while they were doing their thing!
Mark with a few of his soccer girls. Aren't they all gorgeous?!?!
Jordan and his proud Mom!

The Cheerleaders decorated our door for Jordan.

They knew he loved Pixie Sticks so they used those.

K'Loni and Kendra our favorite cheerleaders/soocer players.

They decorated the door for Jordan.

Jordan and his date Sydney. Don't ya just love her shoes?

She bought them special to match the dress. She is on the dance team

at school. She is a really good dancer and wanted to be

comfortable dancing. Cute and Smart. What a catch!

So the game did not go our way but the next day and night fun was still had by all. Jordan and his friends took their dates up to hike Angles Landing at Zion. They went to Chili's for dinner and then went home and got ready for the dance. Mark and I went with some friends to dinner at Chili's too. You just can't pass up the 2 for $20! Then we went to the dance too. It was fun to see Jordan with all his cute friends dancing and having such a good time. They are all good kids. Jordan was not the Homecoming king. (His friend Zach was chosen) I am so proud of Jordan and the decisions he has made thus far in his life. He is a good kid and a great example to his friends.

Monday, September 20, 2010

CVHS Homecoming Court

Jordan and his best friends were all nominated to be on the Homecoming Court. I already posted this picture from Zach's baptism but it is such a good one of all of them. I think it is so cool all of them were nominated. There is an assembly tomorrow and they will do skits and will be spotlighted then the student body will vote for the king and queen. One of Jordan's friends called him yesterday to ask some questions about him for his spotlight tomorrow. He told her she should call me. He said, "You should call my mom because she is more excited about this than I am." I guess he is right:) I am a proud mama!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Watching the Parade on Main Street Go By...

Beauties on the way home
Our blonde beauties watching the Parade.

That is Jordan, second feather from the right.:)

Ash and Court doing a fabulous job with the banner.

We went to the Annual Labor Day Parade in our County Seat. The quaint town of Parowan, Ut. Jordan played with the band and Courtney and Ashley carried the banner.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?!?!?!?

Go #6!!!!!

High School football is here! We love our Canyon View Falcons! They had their home game opener last Friday and played on the road just a few days ago. It is so fun to watch Jordan play on Friday nights! He plays corner back. Mark does the announcing now. Everyone said he did a great job! I will get a picture of him up in "the box" soon!