Monday, April 15, 2013

PROM 2013

Whitney went to her Senior Prom this weekend.  She went with Phillip.  Phillip picked her up early Saturday morning.  They went with AJ and Melissa and few others.  They all went to Las Vegas for the day.  The girls went to the mall while the boys said they needed to pick something up.  The boys surprised the girls with a limo to drive them around town that day.  They went to a softball game.  (CV was playing).  They went to the Stratosphere and rode the ride at the top and went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in Cesar's Palace.  Then they came home and got ready for the dance.  Of course Grandma came over to see Whitney off in her gorgeous dress!!!  It has been a traditon that Grandma Jordan come over and see Whitney before she goes to Homecoming or Prom.  This was the last dance she will come over for.  It will be a couple of years before Courtney starts going to dances.  :)
Whitney borrowed this dress from a girl she works with.  It fit her PERFECTLY!
She looked so gorgeous!

Proud Daddy!

Oh, how we love this girl.

She is Madee's hero. 
(Courtney was at SUU's ballroom dance show so she did not get to see Whit.)

Such beautiful gals!!!
Grandma Jordan is so sweet to come over and see her off to the dance. 
Whitney and Phillip.
What a good looking couple they are. 

AWWW!!! Pinning on the boutonniere.

The corsage.

Phillip, Whitney, Melissa, and AJ.

The day and night were a smashing success!  Everyone had a great time!!!!!!


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Conference Weekend

No pics on this post just a run down of our exciting weekend. 
1. Watched the Saturday morning session of Conference in which President Monson announced a temple to be built in Cedar City!  Gasps of joy were heard in the audience.  He also spoke of the temple dedication in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.  Then went over the numbers of missionaries serving through out the world. 
65,000 now serving, 20,000 with calls waiting to go, and 6,000 awaiting calls.  AMAZING!!!!!!
Jordan is part of the 65,000, K'loni is in the 20,000 category, and Mom and Dad in the 6,000 group.  It is just THE MOST WONDERFUL THING!!!!!!
2.  After all that good news Mark and I hopped in the truck and drove to St. George to buy a car.  Yes, I said BUY A CAR.  And we brought one home.  A BRAND new Ford Escape.  It is sooooo fun to have a NEW car.  We have had ONE new car in our lifetime.  And that was 17 years ago.  I've been driving a 1996 jeep for the past four years so yes, I am a bit elated about this new development.  We have been for 2 Sunday afternoon rides this afternoon.  Whitney drove after Conference and we watched the odometer turn to 100 miles! 
3.  This morning the missionaries serving in our Stake came over for eggs golden rod and watched Conference with us.  They are nice boys and I love having them around. 
4.  We got to listen to messages from our Prophet and other General Authorities.  There were so many great talks.  I am growing to love Conference as I age.  :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Said Goodbye To A Dear Friend Today...

We said goodbye to our van today.  :(  The van has been in the family about as long as Courtney has.  We bought it when we had her.  We figured now that we were a 3 child family we needed a van!  We have been driving that van for almost 15 years.  Now THAT is a good car!  Shortly after Jordan turned 16 we got a Jeep for me to drive and gave Jordan the van.  He souped it up taking out the middle seat and putting in a fuzzy rug, disco ball, and silver Christmas garland all over the back.  He and his friends had some good times in that van. :)  Whitney was never a fan of the van and pretty much refused to drive it.  So it has been sitting in the garage quite lonely since Jordan left.  Today Mark's friend Mario came and took it off our hands.  He bought our Jeep too. (It was in a little wreck with Whitney last week and it no longer runs.)  So now we will have a little down payment for a new car.  We looked around a bit last night and will go look some more on Saturday.  We shall see what we decide.  But I was a bit sad to see the van leave our garage.  We have so many good family memories in that thing.  But alas it was time to part ways. 
Here is the back of our lovely friend.

Now this van had personality!
Jordan wrecked it early one morning while delivering papers.
Mark's friend Mario helped us find a bumper for it.
All he could find was this blue one.  :)

Probably my favorite imperfection on the van was this one on the back by the tire.  One morning I was taking Courtney to school and someone ran into me.  It was a teenage boy who seemed rather frazzled.  He said he was so sorry and that he was in a hurry because he was late for class.  I asked him if he went to Canyon View.  He said he did.  I asked him what grade he was in.  He said he was a Senior.  I then asked him if he knew Mr. Comstock.  He then said.  "Yes, that's the class I am late for!"  I told him to hurry to class and when he got there to tell Mr. Comstock the reason he was late was because he just ran into his van!  The poor boy turn ghostly pale.  I told him not to worry about it  and that he could work things out with Mr. Comstock.  :)  Which he did.  We opted to just leave the dent/scratch there.  It is just SUCH a great story!!!!  

The Treasure Hunt

Grandma decided that since the kids were getting older she would hold a "Treasure Hunt" this year instead of an Easter egg hunt.  I thought it was a smashing success!  She gave the kids the first clue which said something about leaving her house and going left, passing the first right turn and turning on the 2nd right. It said to find a clue hidden on an abandon trailer.  That clue said to go to a dirt road and walk up a way pass two fat trees to a skinny tree.  There we found the next clue.  It sent us back to the main road and onto another dirt road.  Going left at the fork in the path.  We found a clue under a tree there.  It told us to to back to the fork and take a right this time.  We walked a ways and found another clue telling us to go back to grandma''s house and look by their trailer.  That clue told us to go to their basement.  In the basement we found a big tub full of fun treats.  The kids started with the oldest (Whitney) and each picked one thing from the tub.  Then went around again.  I think everyone got 3 or 4 prizes.  Grandparents are simply the best!  We are so blessed to live near Grandma and Grandpa Jordan and not to far from Grandma and Grandpa Comstock.  :)
Courtney and Megan off to find the treasure.

Courtney reading the 2nd clue.

Madee reading a clue.

This cute girl (Lindsey) wanted to be the first to find the next clue!!!

My DARLING daughters.  :)

Some of the "TREASURE"

Madees got the clue! 

Some of the girls treasure!