Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Science Fair

Courtney and Madelynn both wanted to participate in the school science fair. Courtney's project was titled "M & M Mayhem" It was a project on probability. Of course using my favorite candy
M & M's was a big bonus!
Madelynn did a project about different kind of popcorn poppers. It was titled "Mirror, Mirror on the wall what is the best way to pop popcorn of all?" We popped Orville Redenbacher popcorn in 4 different poppers. Hot air, popcorn machine, microwave, and in a pan on the stove. We then counted the number of unpopped kernals after each batch had popped. Any guesses on which one leaves the least amount of unpopped kernals? I will give the answer in a later post! We didn't win any prizes but it was alot of fun putting them together.

One Last Snow

Of course the winter would not be complete without one last (hopefully last) Spring snow storm. This is a picture of the next door neighbors tree. I just thought it was so beautiful I could not resist taking a picture.

Jordan Master Goalie

This is why I really don't love Jordan playing goalie! Just look at that boy running full speed straight towards Jordan!!!! He is not scared a bit and does such a good job! He plays for the high school boys team. Whitney cannot wait until the Fall when she will play for the high school girls team. GO Falcons!!!
GO WHITNEY!!!! That is Whitney in the teal and black.

soccer season in full swing!

Soccer season is now in full swing! Whitney plays with a traveling team. It is made up of 8th graders from her school. Mark put the team together when the girls were in 6th grade to help feed to his high school team. She has loved being on the "Cougars". But she really can't wait to play with the "Falcons" The high school team Mark coaches.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Madelynn and the wisdom of a 1st grader

Madelynn says "Jordan is 16 now mom is going to get a girlfriend?"
I replied "I don't know, let's hope not!"
Madelynn then said in all her wisdom, "You told our class when you are 16 you could have a boyfriend or a girlfriend (story to follow) and Jordan is 16 so he should get one. Then I could meet her and we would have fun. Then they could get married and then I would be an aunt!"

Now the story about my class: I have problems every year with the kids wanting to be boyfriend and girlfriend or teasing others about being boyfriend and girlfriend. You know the k-i-s-s-i-n-g song etc. So I tell the students at the beginning of every year that in 1st grade you are to young to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. You cannot have a boyfriend or a girlfriend until you are at least 16 years old. If you want one before then you have to ask your parents. If your parents say it is o.k. they must send me a note giving you permission to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Well you know there are all kinds of parents out there and last year, yes, I got a note from a mother. Here is what is said (because I saved it, it was to funny to just simply throw away)

Mrs. Comstock,
_________ has been hounding me to write a note. So ________ can be his girlfriend. I keep telling him he's to young to have one! He insists he's not! So here is my note for him so he and ________ can be boyfriend/girlfriend. Silly kids!

I did not include names to protect the innocent! But yes a mother did write this note. I told her son that the girls mom had not written me a note so they COULD NOT be boyfriend and girlfriend! AH, the joys of teaching small children.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dancing Man!

O.k. So Jordan would not bring his date over to the house so I could get some pictures of them together. He told me I could get those pictures when Whitney starts going to dances! I made him promise me if he decides to go to prom he will bring his date over and let me take some pictures. This is him going to Preference. It was a girls choice dance. His date came over one day during lunch and decorated ( I use this term loosely) his room with lots and lots of rolls of toilet paper.
She left 4 bottles of Mountain Dew in his room with a note that said "Will you "DEW" the dance with me?" "Look on the bottles to find out who is asking." The girl who asked him left to play in the state basketball tournament the same day she asked him. We had some neighbors that were going up to Salt Lake the next day for the games. We made (I made Jordan watched) a giant cookie. We used frosting and wrote the word "YES" on the cookie. We put it in a pizza box and sent it up to SLC with our neighbors. They delivered it to her for us. I told Jordan he would definitely get an "AHHH, how cute!" from all the girls on the basketball team. Which some of my sources (My Laurels) said he did!

BIggest Flirt!

Oh, What proud parents we are! :) Whitney's school had things they were voting on for the 8th graders. They voted for things like "most school spirit, best hair, most athletic, and best dressed" etc. Our daughter Whitney was voted "Biggest Flirt" at Canyon View Middle School. Mark and I are not actually sure how we feel about that. We are both just glad that Mark and Jordan will be at school with her when she starts high school next year!

It was school spirit week at Whitney's school a couple of weeks ago. Whitney has a group of six girls she calls her bff's. One of the girls mom's made them all capes that said "SUPER SIX" on them. They dressed up for "Super Hero Day". Don't they all look adorable?