Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring break in the city that never sleeps...

We went with our friends the Huxford's.  Here all are the kids ready for a night out on the town!

Jordan and Kru the true Jimmer fans!!

The adults ready to party!!  Alex and Donna Huxford and Me and Mark.

LOVE this picture of Jordan and little Kru.  We assigned each of the kids a "buddy" the night we went out on The Strip.  Jordan and Kru were "buddies".  They got separated from us on the way back to the Luxor and Jordan took Kru to M&M World.  Kru told his mom and dad later that night that he had allot of fun with Jordan.  Kru said, "Jordan is so cool we had so much fun together tonight.  We probably said 2,000 sentences!"  Jordan loved pretending to have a little brother!

So I fell on the street on The Strip.  How EMBARASSING!  I fell crossing the street and I just remember looking up at the cab coming towards me and hoping and praying that they saw me fall and would stop!  I also twisted my ankle and really scraped up my knee good!

Madee at M&M World.  Coolest place!!!

Jordan and Koy eating lunch.  I just liked their Jerseys.

We did alot of this everyday while we were in Vegas.  It was 80 degrees all week!!

 We stayed at the Luxor.  The elevators were so scary!  They go up a little sideways and shaky because of the shape of the pyramid.
                                                                  Say cheese Madee!!!
                                               The girls getting ready for a night in VEGAS!!!
What Beauties

Annual Easter egg hunt

Grandma and Grandpa always do the best Easter egg hunts! This year they did not disappoint. There was of  course, the traditional plastic eggs filled with candy.  Then there were the SPECIAL EGGS.  Each grandchild found an egg with their initials on it. Inside that egg was a movie pass. Then the older kids found eggs with Subway gift cards in them. The younger children found eggs with "gift notes" in them and then they got to pick 2 or 3 gifts from the gift display. The gift display included full packages of candy, notebooks, fun paper, foam crafts, jewelry making kits etc. The hunt was a success for all!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Whit ready for her "day date". My beautiful daughter and handsome son.
Putting the finishing touches on her hair.
Trying out some new settings on my camera.
Madelynn and Courtney so proud of their big sister!!
Chelsea and Jordan
Dad, Whitney, Mom, and Jordan

Where has the time gone?
Austin, Whitney, Chelsea, and Jordan
Mark has been telling Whitney for years that when she starts dating he is going to buy a bat and make all the boys that take her out sign it. As a "gentle"reminder to take care of her while she is with them. :0) He will then present the bat to her husband at her wedding luncheon. Austin signing "the bat". He was such a good sport.
Whitney and Austin with "THE BAT".
Whitney and Austin
We look just as good as we did 23 years ago.

If I do say so myself.
Whitney and her Bestie Kyra.
Kaden and Kyra Keller and Whitney and Jordan.
Whitney and Kyra are BFF's and Jordan and Kaden are too.

(if you can say that about boys!)

Mark with his "Soccer Girls"

I really do feel like it was yesterday that it was 1988 and Mark and I were going to our Prom.

(I started falling in love with him that night. He looked so cute in his tux!)

But apparently 23 years have gone by.


So now it is 2011 and Mark and I have 2 children attending their prom. It was yesterday and it was great. It was Whitney's first dance and first date. It was Jordan's last formal dance. (There is one more girls choice dance this year.) Of course, Mark and I chaperoned and it was fun being there and seeing all the kids in there tuxedos and beautiful dresses. What a great blessing it is to be able to go to the dances and not have our children totally want to die because we are there.:0)

Monday, April 4, 2011

Watch out Farrah

A picture Courtney took with her phone. Just wanted to show how cute her hair is. She is turning into a beautiful young lady! Oh they just grow up way to fast!!!!!!!

Spelling Bee

Madelynn represented her class in the school Spelling Bee on Thursday. She did great until...

She heard, "The word is sketch." And she said "sketch, s-e-t-c-h, sketch"

We are proud of her just to be chosen to represent the class.

Zac Brown Band

We love the Zac Brown Band!! And isn't it cool that our son looks just like Zac Brown?!?!

Just bare with me I am REALLY trying to look on the bright side of the beard!!!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It is important to be nice

I remember when Whitney was little (around 5 or 6) one of the YW in our ward was voted Homecoming Queen. She was one of my Mia Maids a few years previous and Whitney just loved her. I remember telling Whitney that she (the Homecoming Queen) was probably not the very prettiest girl in the Senior class. (Although she was just adorable) But that she was probably the nicest girl in the Senior class and that is the reason she was voted Homecoming Queen. I have always told Whitney...

it is nice to be pretty but it is more important to be nice.

So the other day she was at golf practice and she was golfing with a girl who is a Sophomore at the other High School in town. They were talking and getting to know each other and they asked each other their last names. When Whitney told her that her last name was Comstock the girl's jaw about dropped to the ground and she said, "You are Whitney Comstock!! I have heard so many people talking about you. Everyone just LOVES you!!!" Whitney said she couldn't stop smiling the rest of the afternoon. What a great compliment that a reputation like that proceeds you.

I am proud of my girl!!!!!