Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We love soccer!

There is Whit out there in the white. #9
Whitney, Ashlee, and Madee after they all finished their games.

"Enough pictures mom, let's go!"

Go Purple Panthers!!!!

Yay! It is soccer season. We are so excited!!!! Madelynn and Whitney are both playing. and Mark is coaching. It is so fun to watch their games. Whit is playing on the Varsity team this year. Let's hear it for the Purple Panthers and The Canyon View Falcons! Friday is the first football game so we can watch Jordan and hear Mark announce the game from the box:) I love the Fall.

The Classic Back to School Photos!

Ready to go back to first grade! Can't wait to see the kids.
Madee looking lovely and ready for 3rd grade.

Courtney ready for Middle School! 6th grade here she comes.

Whitney is ready to conquer her Sophmore year.

Mark and Jordan ready to go.
Here comes President Comstock.
(Jordan is the Student Body Pres.)
Yes, EVERYONE is now posting their "Back to School" photos. We went back on Thursday, August 19th. It was a great day. We all got up early and Mark gave each of the kids a blessing. I bawled through Jordan's thinking it was his LAST, FIRST day of school! I am going to find his Kdg. first day of school picture and post it next to his Senior year photo. Just give me some time.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

What It's All About.

Zack with Whitney and her friends. Whoa! Zack is a lucky boy! There were over 5o kids at the baptism. And Zack's coaches came too. I love the school my kids go to!!!
Kaden, Zack, Daniel, and Jordan. Zack is the Senior boy at Canyon View who scores touchdowns in football, who makes baskets on the basketball team, and catches fly balls and makes double plays on the baseball team. One day last year Whitney was walking down the hall and Zack saw her and said, "Hey Whit! What's up?" The girls she was with giggled and said, "You know Zack!" These boys are the leaders at the school and such good examples to everyone at the high school. I am SO proud!

Zack and Jordan with the missionaries.

Zack and Jordan the classic pre-baptism picture:)

Last month a ran into a really special lady at a teacher class I was attending. I could not believe my eyes when none other than Sister Jensen walked into the class I was in. Sister Jensen was in my ward in Virginia, when I was in high school. I admired Sister Jensen with her beautiful home, husband, and 3 cute daughters. Sister Jensen was the lady in the ward that was always looking out for others. I always knew her as Mark's mom or my mom's friend. She always served in Relief Society, never in Young Womens. She wrote me a note once that really helped me through a difficult time in my life. She just cared about everyone. It didn't matter to her who they were if they were in need of something she was there to help them in anyway she could. After having lunch with Sister Jensen last month I found out she is still that same person who is always looking out for the needs of others. She said something to me that really made me think. "It is just all about loving people. What else is there? We just need to love and help each other." Isn't that true? I have been reading Sheri Dew's book If Life Were Easy, It Wouldn't Be Hard. In it she quotes a man who says, " Observation and personal experience have taught me that the way you can tell if someone is truly converted to Jesus Christ is by how that person treats others." I love that!! I have noticed this in Jordan and his friends. Yesterday Jordan baptized one of his best friends, Zack. Jordan has talked about baptizing Zack for years. Jordan and his friends have been examples to Zack for a long time. What an example Zack is to them also. I am so proud of Jordan and the friends that he chooses. Jordan has a group of 3 boys that he would consider his best friends. These 4 boys are AMAZING. Yesterday at the baptism Kaden gave a spectacular talk on baptism, Daniel bore his testimony and Jordan baptized Zack. I cried throughout most of the meeting thinking, these are the boys my son considers his best friends. What a smart boy! How blessed am I? I have a great life and am so thankful for it! I like to set goals at the beginning of each school year. This year my goal is to remember to love people and to look for ways I can help them.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Crafty Side is Back!!!

Courtney and Kylie showing off their rings.

These are ponytail bands and rings.

The headbands(it posted sideways for some reason)

Aren't they adorable?

We have been busy today. I thought I had lost my crafty side, well it turns out is wasn't lost after all! I found this idea on insidebrucrewlife.blogspot.com today and said to Courtney and Madee let's make those! So off to Wal-Mart, which had EVERYTHING we needed. We got home and started crafting. I think they turned out pretty cute if I do say so myself. Courtney's friend Kylie came over later and we made some more because she wanted to learn how to make them.

Football practice and MAN BOWLS!

Jordan and his friend Dylan came to over after football practice the other night. THEY WERE HUNGRY!!! Which really is not a suprise. Jordan is hungry ALOT! Anyway after saying we had nothing to eat they went to the store and came home with a bag of cereal and a gallon of milk. Then they sat down and ate their MAN BOWLS. Jordan started eating Man Bowls after school in the 7th grade. He and his friends enjoy a Man Bowl every now and then.