Monday, February 18, 2013

For the Love of Cereal

Cereal and Comstocks go together like salt and pepper, Romeo and Juliet and uh.. for me diet coke and lime!  :)  Anyone with the last name Comstock knows that cereal is just a staple needed to sustain life. 

*SIDENOTE:  I grew up with the last name Jordan and have been a Comstock for about 22 years so cereal to me is not so much of a staple. 

Mark and all his brothers and sisters will agree on the importance of cereal.  One night about 10:00 Mark got a text from one of his sisters.  It said.. Are you eating a bowl of cereal right now?  I am!
And yes he was eating a bowl of cereal too.  :)  Jordan, Whitney, Courtney, and Madee have all followed their fathers example and his love of cereal.  Poor Jordan is not able to eat cereal while he is on his mission.  He says the electricity goes out so often he is not able to keep milk in his apartment so... NO CEREAL for about 2 years.  Sad for him.  :( 

At our house we always have an abundance of cereal.  On Saturday Mark and I were at the store buying essential items.  milk, eggs, chicken etc.  And he said, "We should get some cereal."  I told him we had plenty of cereal to which he said, "No most of the boxes in the pantry are empty."  Now I would not know this because as a said earlier I don't eat cereal like the rest of my family.   So this is what are pantry looked like.  And YES many of the boxes were just about empty!  Now children, if you read this...  When the cereal is about or ALL the way gone let me know.  When I look in the pantry I think we have PLENTY of cereal. 


Kyra and Whitney have been Best Friends all through High School.
I have always counted as one of my blessing the friends my children
have chosen.  Kyra is a great girl and a perfect
Best Friend for Whitney!  It was her birthday a couple
of weeks ago so Whitney had a surprise party for her. 
Happy 18th Birthday Kyra!

Whitney and Kyra asked Tyson and Tyler to Preference.
They made this sign and some treats for the boys.
They left the sign in the boys rooms on Saturday.
Sunday morning Whitney got  text from Tyson saying
he spent FOREVER trying to figure out who was
asking him.  :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

I Love To See The Temple

Mark and I had a great day at the St. George temple yesterday.  One of our favorite people went to the temple to take out her endowments in preparation for her mission to Orlando Florida.   K'loni is like a daughter to Mark and I and a big sister to my girls.  She has been  a good friend of Jordan's for many years also.  She is a great example to all of us.  Our family has been blessed with her association.  Not only did she take out her endowments yesterday but her dad did too.  K'loni's mom passed away in a tragic car accident almost a year ago.  She and her dad and brother and sister have plans to go and be sealed as a family in April.   We are so happy for them.  And so grateful we were invited to share their special day.