Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wisdom teeth and BYU...

Jordan getting ready to "go under".
I got in trouble for taking this picture.
The lady told me I am not allowed to take pictures!

So I just got one of Courtney at home relaxing on the couch.

On Friday Jordan got all 4 of his impacted wisdom teeth pulled.  It was a requirement for him to do so before he leaves on his mission.  When Courtney got her braces put on this summer the orthodontist said she need two baby teeth and on permanent tooth that had not yet come in pulled also.  I decided the best way to handle all of this was to just do it all together in the same day!  So I took the day off on Friday and the three of us headed to the oral surgeon.  Jordan was so funny coming out of the anesthesia  He would NOT stop talking!!! And it was very difficult to understand anything he said because his mouth was full of gauze.  He said he was cold so the nurse brought him a blanket.  The blanket was SO old and bright pink with a Junior mint design on it.  Jordan said, "Wow, this is a nice blanket!  Thanks!"  Then he started talking about one of the assistants in the room when he had his teeth removed and how she was such a "babe".  When we were walking out to the car he asked if this is what it feels like to be drunk.  The minute he got in the car he said, "Mom turn on the radio I need some music."  I left him for 3 seconds to go get Courtney and he just kept talking!!!!  Courtney reacted VERY differently to the anesthesia.  She would not stop CRYING!!!  I kept asking her why she was crying and she would not tell me.  I stopped at the store to pick up their prescriptions and Jordan called me while I was in the store to remind me of all the things I needed to buy.  He went on and on and finally I told him I had to go and get the things.  He kept calling me back but I did not answer the phone.  Today is Sunday and they are both doing much better.
That afternoon Mark and Madelynn and my dad left to go up the the BYU game.  Yes we still support our Cougars even after last weeks game!!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Whitney and Grandma.  Grandma came over to see her in her dress.
Well I was sure glad she came.  The dress was a little to big
and so thanks to Grandma's magical sewing skills it fit
just right.  Grandma thought the scissors I gave
her to use were very funny.  She kept calling them
"meat scissors".  They are my kitchen scissors.
They are the only ones I can ever find!

Simply gorgeous!!

LOVE the shoes!!! We were so worried about finding
the right shoe to go with the dress.  They look silver in the picture.
But they have gold and silver glitter on them.  They were PERFECT.  I found them at
Payless just a few hours before the dance!!!

My beautiful girls.

Whitney and her date Ivan.  Whitney did not
know Ivan before today.  So many people were
telling her how nice Ivan was but that
he doesn't speak much.  Whitney said
that was ok because she talks allot!!!
She was so cute when he came over to get her.
He was painfully shy and she just was so
cute and fun.  Trying to make him feel comfortable.
Even when he had to sign the bat!!!!
Mark and Jordan were up in Provo at the
BYU vs. Utah game so we got lots of pictures for them!!
Mark and I usually go to Homecoming and Prom to chaporone.
I was so not to be able to go this year.

I Love the 80ties!!!!

I never would have imagined when I was 16 way back in 1985 that in the year 2011 I would have a 16 year old daughter who would want to "dress-up" to try to look like I did!!!  It is Homecoming week and one of the theme days was 80ties.  So here are Whit and her crazy friends in their adorable outfits. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moving along

Madee practicing her ref signals.

Oh my!  Life is moving along at such a rapid rate!!  Since my last post we have watched and played several soccer games and volleyball matches.  We went to an SUU game and got to sit in our very own box.  (Dad won it in a drawing.)  We have been going to school and staying home being sick too.  I took a trip to the ER with a freak eye problem that thankfully after 4 days is about better!  We have watched a couple of BYU games.  One that had a happy ending and one that did not!  Jordan received the Melchizedek Priesthood and got his passport.   And this week Whitney will be preparing for  the Homecoming Dance which is on Saturday!  WOW!!  Time sure flies when you are having fun!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Madelynn went to a birthday party this week at our local beauty school.  All the girls got their hair and nails done.  Here is her finished product.  It is good I got the picture when I did because RIGHT after I took these pictures she ripped her hair out of the 37 bobbypins that held it up and headed to soccer practice!!!