Sunday, July 29, 2012


Whitney, Courtney, Kyra and I went up to Provo this weekend.  Whitney had a date with a boy she met at our family reunion.  And no, he is NOT one of her cousins.  :)  He worked on the ranch we were at.  While Whit and Kyra were with the boys Courtney and I went to hang out at the mall with Jodi and Sydney.  It was fun to see them and to visit. 

Thunder, Lightening, and Fires Oh My!!

The girls and I pulled in the driveway at around 11:58 pm from Provo.  That is time church gets out.  We did not have  key or a garage door opener since we were in mom's car so we just sat out in the driveway and waited for Mark and Madee to get home.  As we were waiting we heard a HUGE boom of thunder and then Mark and Madee pulled in the driveway.  Madee came running over to our car and said "Did you just see that lightening hit the mountain?"  We looked up at the mountain just above our house and saw smoke.  Mark called 911 and we waited.  As we were waiting the flames started.  Then a few minutes later we saw fire trucks and helicopters nearby.  Then came the RAIN!!  YAY! Our stake has been praying and fasting for rain for awhile now and it came and a perfect time today.  The fire didn't burn for long but the neighbors had fun visiting and talking about it.  :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

Great Boys!!

I came across the first picture when I was cleaning up my inbox tonight.  It is a picture that Zack's mom sent me.  It was taken the night Zack went to the temple for his own endowment right befor his mission.  All four of the boys in the picture now call themselves Elder.  They are serving all over in the world in Mexico, England, Honduras, and Chile. 

The second picture was taken a year and a half before the first one.  On Zack's baptism day.  :)
I have always counted as one of my greatest blessing the friends my children have chosen.  

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Soccer girls at the lake

The Seniors oh, and Madee!!!

Lainee Coach Williams baby in her boat spot.  :)

Whit and Ashley coming back from a ride.

Madee leaving on her ride. 

Me and K'loni going for a ride.  My first time on a wave runner.
I made the mistake of thinking she would be a kinder driver than Mark.
We tipped in the middle of the lake and I have bruises all over my
legs from bouncing up and down and trying my best NOT to fall off! 
Thanks for nothin girl!!!! :) Love you!!
I went with Mark later in the day.  He was much kinder.  :)
So my camera just started working again.  I guess it just needed a couple of weeks to dry out after the unfortunate accident as the Family Reunion!!!  The only problem documenting this great event was the battery ran out! :(  We went with the seniors on the annual lake trip yesterday.  We had the perfect day.  A few clouds and a lot of sun.  Apparently while we were 35 miles from home enjoying the joys of the lake Cedar had a torrential rain storm.  There was flooding all over town.  And there we all were enjoying the sun and the water at Quail!  Crazy how different the weather in St. George and Cedar is.  When we left Quail the temperature in the car said 98.  When got to Cedar it was 63.  CRAZY!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

6 Months

 Jordan has been gone for 6 months now. 
July 4th was his 6 month mark.
There have been times in these past 6 months that I was sure time had stood still.  I have shed many tears in these last 6 months and smiled many smiles.  :)  I miss him like CRAZY but if I was given the option I would not change a thing.  Jordan is where he needs to be right now at this time in his life.  He loves his mission.  He is learning, growing, and doing so many wonderful things. 
Keep up the good work Elder Comstock!!!!!
(This is him in his apartment on his hammock.  He said before he left he hoped he would be able to sleep on a hammock on his mission.  Well his dream came true!!!)

Livin' it up at the ranch


The Comstock Family Reunion was a hit. 
We went to a place called Reid Ranch.
It was so fantastic!  I got only 3 pictures because the first thing
we did when we got there was go down to
the lake and rode the paddle boats and canoes. 
Well I had a little accident getting off the boat and onto the dock.
Yes, I fell into the lake!  With my camera, and it no longer works.  :(
Karin was the official family photographer and promised me some pictures. 
So maybe I will have some more later.  The ranch was so fun.
There were a million things to do.  We stayed in a beautiful cabin.
We each had our own room and bathroom and a great
front porch to gather together and two large living rooms
we could sit and visit in.  All of our meals were fixed for us so all
we had to do was relax, visit, and play!!
We rode horses, went on long walks and hikes, did archery, played soccer,
volleyball, pickle ball, and basketball,went on the boats, swam (we had
our very own pool), played fuse ball, pool, and ping-pong, had glow stick fireworks on the 4th of July, and had an awesome family party for Grandma and Grandpa's 50th Wedding Anniversary!
It was a wonderful week.  We feel so blessed to have such great parents (grandparents)
and family to spend time with. 

Utah Summer Games

The seniors

Here come the Falcons!!!

Coach giving so advice at half time.

Brinley and Madee  :)

On the podium with their medals.  Go Lightening Strikers!!!!

The Utah Summer Games were a hit again this year.  Both Whitney and Madelynn played.  Madee's team even got to play in the gold medal match.  They took the silver.  She has a great team with an excellent bunch of soccer players.