Sunday, December 26, 2010


Grandpa reading "The Night Before Christmas"
on Christmas Eve. We always go to mom and dad's house
for Christmas Eve and have dinner and a Christmas
program. Silly me I failed to get any pictures of our wonderful
Nativity play the girls all put together. Courtney narrated it by reading from the bible,
and Madee, and Ashley played several different parts from Wisemen to sheep. Meagan was the angel and Whitney was Mary.
Jordan and Madelynn singing Christmas Carols.

Our "Night before Christmas PJ's"

Whitney made blankets for her sisters and for Jordan.
They turned out so cute!!!

Madelynn and Megan and their new dolls.

Mark and I making Christmas Breakfast.
Every year we make eggs with ham and cheese,
the Christmas "snail"(it is Mark's mom recipe
it is basically a big cinnamon roll wrapped
up to look like a snail.
And we top it all off with juice and french hot chocolate.
My mom and dad at our Christmas breakfast. :)
And this is what we all wanted to do after everyone left our Christmas Breakfast.
Jordan could not stay out of bed. This is what he got
for Christmas. New bedding!!
We had a great Christmas here at the Comstock home and hope all reading this had one too. I was happy to have a few Christmas decorations up. I did not blog about this but we moved over the Thanksgiving break. We love our new home and it was fun celebrating Christmas in it.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Behold my joy is full!

Aren't they a BEAUTIFUL family?!?

Mom, me, Lauren, Kate, and Lisa at the lunch after the sealing.

Mark's sisters Lauren and Kate. Yes, Lauren is pregnant and NO

I am NOT. UGH!
I guess I better ask for a girdle for Christmas.

Or maybe do a few thousand sit ups!

I HATE this picture of me but I LOVE Kate and Lauren.

It is so fun to have them as my sisters.

Mark's sister Lauren and her husband and children were sealed in the Denver Temple on Saturday. What a great day. What a blessing it was for Mark and I to be able to be there. I have never attended a "family" sealing before. It was so wonderful. There were many family members in attendance, some were there physically, and MANY were there in spirit.

Back in Black

Jordan and Kaden decided that since they were going
to have their heads shaved soon, they would die it black first!
I don't think it looks to bad.
Thanks Lindsey!

Hair today and gone tomorrrow...

The boys awaiting their fate!!!
I guess I liked this one! Sorry I posted it twice. :(

This is how he left them at the assembly.
A bunch of moms that were there at the assembly
said "Is he going to take them to a barber to fix it?"
"Uh, no I think there is not a whole lot that can be done to "fix" that," :)
was my reply.
Then he "fixed" it later.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas for CVHS and the display case.

Jordan (Student body President) and his good friend Kaden (Vice President) decided to raise some money for kids at their school who may need help at Christmas. They came up with the idea to spend 24 hours in the display case in the lunchroom at school. By donating money the students and teachers could take things away from them. They colored in the chart above to show how much money had been earned and what they had lost. Mark spent the night at the school to "babysit" them. The boys told the student body that if they raised more than $1,000.00 they (Jordan and Kaden) would shave their heads! Well...
was raised!!!!
So... on Thursday at an assembly Mark will shave Jordan and Kaden's heads!!! I guess he will need a few beanies for Christmas.
I took dinner to them here they are eating it. I am really proud of them for doing it and thinking of others this Christmas season. They are such good kids.

The things I see driving down my street.

You have to drive slowly at night because these guys are all over the place!!!

Everyone loves a parade!!

Yes, it is time for another parade down Main St. in our quaint town. This one is actually our very best parade of the year. It is a REAL parade complete with floats and fun characters, bands, dancers, and singers. (Many of our small town parades simply involve people driving their trucks or four wheelers down the street throwing candy.) Madee and Jordan were both in the parade this year. Madee with her singing group and Jordan with Student Government.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Pictures/Jordan's Senior Pictures

I put this picture on my living room wall with pictures of the kids underneath with these words.
"All because two friends fell in love"

Heisman Trophy one day?

I just love this one with his glasses.
We love our #6

I think he looks so Presidential in this one. It just screams Student Body President!

LOVE this one. Our soccer goalie!

Did I just say Jordan's Senior Pictures? I cannot believe that I have a son that is 18 and a Senior in High School. I was a Senior just a few short years ago it seems. Time sure does fly by...
My cousin McKenzi is a fabulous photographer. (As you can see from our cute pictures). We had so much fun with her. We went up the mountain at Woods Ranch near the SUU cabin. It was raining the whole way up the mountain. We sat in the car trying to decide what to do. We decided we would start with Jordan's Senior Pictures and then do our family shots. What a great idea. By the time McKenzi finished with Jordan the rain had stopped. It turned out to be a perfect day. I am so blessed to have such a great (and did I mention, good looking?) family. :0)
Sorry so many pictures on this post. She took 284 so be glad I only posted this many!!!
If you are interested in McKenzi's work you can check out her website at