Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Grandma Felt

My Grandma Martha Afton Felt passed away 2 years ago this week. I miss her so much and have thought so much about her this week. Jodi was here this weekend and it was fun to be with her and share memories of our sweet Grandmother. Jodi writes in her book about Grandma's hands. I love Grandma's hands for all the good she did with them. Grandma was ALWAYS doing things for others. She loved to serve and to be with her family. She always had a child or 2 or 3 on her lap. One day we were on our way to visit her and we were telling the kids we would be to Grandma Felt's house soon. Madee was about 3 and had four grandmas at the time. She said "Which one is Grandma Felt?" I described Grandma Felt to her and she said "Oh, the one with the soft lap!" Grandma loved all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and made them all feel important and just like they were her favorites. Even though I know she truly had no favorites I secretly always felt like I was her favorite. I am sure any of my cousins who read this would say the same thing. Did you all think YOU were her favorite? She was a beautiful women inside and out. She has been a great influence in my life and has played a big part in making me the person that I am. I will never forget her cinnamon rolls, ice cream, Hawaiian chicken, homemade bread, sewing room, shopping at DI, going to McDonalds and Chuck -O-Rama, visiting her at the MTC, long talks in her living room, morning family prayer, watching old movies together, spending time together at Hobble Creek the list goes on and on. Finally, laying in bed with her holding her beautiful hand on Easter Sunday 2 years ago and telling how much I loved her, thanking her for all she taught me and telling her goodbye. Oh, I miss you Grandma! I know I will see you again one day. It is my goal to live my life so that I can live with you again one day.

Let's hear it for the science fair.

Last week we had the science fair at school. Madelynn did a great project about which kind of mint gum has the longest lasting flavor. We all chewed 5 different kinds of gum and recorded how long we chewed it before the flavor was gone. We added every ones time together and divided by 6 to find out the average time chewed. We found out the Cobalt 5 Sugar Free Gum had the longest lasting flavor. Madelynn won 1st place for the 2nd grade! Wow! We had so much fun doing the project and to win on top of that was great. She will participate in the Regional Science Fair after Easter.

Introducing the NEW Canyon View High School Student Body President!

We are so proud of Jordan he was just elected Student Body President at Canyon View HS. He has been planning this since the 8th grade. In the 8th grade he ran for Freshman Class President and won. In 8th grade he said I will run for different offices in my other years in HS and I want to be Student Body President my Senior year. Then he decided his Sophomore and Junior year he wanted to run for "smaller" offices. Secretary and Activities Chairperson. He put together a "Party" with some of his friends. The school required them to run with a Party. (like Republican or Democrat) He was the Black Party. There was a Teal Party and a White Party running against him. The students could vote straight party or individually. Everyone in the Black Party won except for 2 people. Jordan has so many good ideas of things he wants to do to promote school spirit and make his school even better than it is! What a great kid he is!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The Preference Dance was this weekend. I asked Alysha (who Jordan was going with) if they would stop by so I could get some pictures. She was kind enough to say yes. Two of the girls in Jordan's group are on Mark's soccer team (including Alysha) and one of the girls in the group is one of my Laurels. I some of my other Laurels and Mark's soccer girls to stop by with their dates too. We had some of the coaches over playing games that night and one of them said "You just take pictures of other people's kids!" I really don't think of my Laurels, Mark's soccer girls, and Jordan's friends as other people kids. They are an extension of our own family. So "Yes, I take pictures of people who are a larger part of my family!" Aren't they all great?!?!?