Saturday, February 27, 2010

Our Sweet Courtney Afton

We have New Beginnings this week and Courtney is officially one of the honorees! She will turn 12 this year and join Whitney and I in Young Womens for real! She has been coming to activities and things her whole life but she excited to become a Beehive later this year. I love this baby picture of her. It is how I like to think of her, as my sweet smiling baby. Her sweet smile helped me through a difficult time in my life. She always made me smile even on days when I didn't think I could. The other picture is one of her a few days ago with her valentines flowers from her dad. She is becoming a wonderful young lady.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Would you like some coffee with your paper sir?

So it is "Preference" in a few weeks at the high school so we try to be prepared for almost anything around our house. I try to encourage Jordan to keep his room and car clean just in case any cute girls want to suprise him and ask him to the dance. Mostly he does not listen to me about the cleaning thing. Well on Tuesday a lady at my school told me that some cute girls were at my house in Jordan's room asking him to Preference. I panicked! I knew his room was a disaster! When I got home I ran down to his room to see what they had done. I guess it didn't matter that his room was a mess because you could not see it under all the newspaper! The girls hid under the paper and popped out when he came home from soccer! Then some of his friends came over and they had a paper fight and jumped off his bed and landed in the paper. (it made for a nice soft landing!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Prince DID Come!

The girls (Courtney and Madee) have this plaque hanging in their room. I am so blessed to have such a great husband and father to my children. He treats me and my daughters all like queens. What more could a girl ask for?

*He sacrifices his time to do thing around the house. (like right now he is working on our front door),

*he helps with the housework (laundry is his speciality:)

*he takes me out on dates

*he works hard at school and all the students love him (we cannot go anywhere without running into a student or former student that comes up to us and says "Hey Comstock!"

*he takes our family to church each week

*he gives the children good advice

I could go on and on about "My Valentine" I just know I am blessed to have married such a thoughtful, kind, loving, understanding, giving man! Thank you Mark! I love and adore you and so do your children.

Madelynn talks about Valentines Day all year and she tells everyone her dad gives her roses. She has treated her roses kind of like a pet these last couple of days. Giving them water and checking on them often throughout the day. She carries the vase around and shows everyone how big they have grown!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Me and my teacher friends are always having fun! I am so blessed to be able to teach first grade which I love. And to top it off I get to teach with two of my besties!! Melissa Carter and Cathy Riesen. We have a blast together everyday. And on a few occasions throughout the year we dress up. This year for Halloween we were biker chicks. And today was the 100th day of school so of course we dressed up like we were 100 years old! I guess I should take it as a compliment when one of the children in my class said I wasn't "crinklely" enough to be 100 years old!