Monday, June 17, 2013

The Athletes

So my camera battery died the day I tried to get action shots.  But here is a picture of our Utha Summer Games athletes.  Whitney played soccer, Madelynn played soccer, and Courtney played volleyball.  It was fun watching all of them  Madelynn's team even won a bronze medal. 

Let Summer Begin!!!

Memorial Day barbeque at David and Julies.  It was a beautiful day.  We went to visit Randy's grave and then we went and had delicious hamburgers at the Jordan's.  It was so fun to just sit out in their backyard and visit. 

Cute girls going to church. 
Whitney's 18th birthday was actually the day before but
I did not get a picture of her that day.
SOOOOO.. here is my 18 year old with her
little sister.  :)

All the girls admiring Violet. 

Make a wish June birthdays. 

The Birthday peeps. 
Whitney 18
Mark 43
Lindsay 7

Post Graduation Party

After graduation we all gathered at our house for Mark's famous Japanese Chicken (per Whitney's request).  I love having the family in our home.  It always ends up being a good time visiting and being surrounded by people and food you love.  After dinner Whitney got ready to leave for Disneyland.  She took a bus with the Senior class that night.  They rode all night on the bus. Spend the day Friday at Disneyland and then rode home all night Friday.  It was tiring but a fun time for her with her friends.  She and Kyra even had a missionary experience.  They met some boys who asked where they were from.  When the girls told them they were from Utah the boys asked if they were Mormon?  Whitney and Kyra told them they were.  Whitney said they asked them a few questions and then told them they should go to the "Mormon Castle" while they were in CA.  They girls said "you mean the temple?"  The boys asked them is they drank alcohol.  Whitney and Kyra told them they did not and then the boys asked them what would happen if they did drink.  Whitney had a great response for that question.  "Well, then we wouldn't be able to go into the castle."  Oh, how I love that girl!!!!!

Whitney Graduates!

Here is Courtney going to her 8th grade graduation party.
She is not one for the paparazzi.  But really?!?!?
Isn't she beautiful?!?!?!?

My girls.  :)

Whitney has always chosen such good friends. 
So proud of all of them.

Madelynn showing off Whitney's cap she decorated.  :)

What a great girl Whitney is.  She made it through high school with flying colors.  She has always gotten good grade, chosen good friends and made pretty good decisions through the whole thing.  Mark and I are so proud of her.  Now on with life and time to make the really hard decisions.  I know she will do GREAT things. 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Seminary Graduation

First of all...
Just one more reason why I love where I live!!!

Another reason I love where I live!  Look at ALL these great kids who choose to make seminary a priority in their lives for the last 4 years! 
(Ya that's Whitney talking to Kyra)  :) 

One of Whitney and Kyra's favorite seminary teachers
Brother Coder.  We will miss him as moves to
St. George to teach.  :(

Good friends.  Scott, will be leaving soon for his mission to the
Florida Tampa Mission, Whitney and Kyra, and Tyler, who will
be leaving soon for his mission to the
Tennessee Nashville Mission

Nate and Whitney
friends since the 6th grade.
Nate will be leaving soon for his mission to the
Cape Verde Mission.

So proud of Whitney and her decision to make room for seminary in her schedule for 4 years.
It wasn't like Mark and I did it.  (6:00 am every morning).  Living here in Utah has afforded our children the opportunity to take seminary at school.  Whitney has had so many wonderful teachers in the past 4 years and learned so much.  I am very thankful for the seminary program.