Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Serving in Honduras

Love these pictures!!!

I just look at this picture and think of all the missionaries we have had in our home through the years.  Now MY son is missioary being invited to dinner at many kind peoples homes. 

P-day at the beach.

First baptism.  :)
Jordan has been in Honduras for 2 whole months now.  (well almost, on Wed. it will be exactly 2 months)  But really whose counting?  :)  He has been doing so many great things since he has been there.  He is loving and taking advantage of every moment.  I LIVE for Mondays when his weekly email arrives.  He has told us so many great stories of things that he has done since he has been there.  He is really falling in love with the children.  He said in a recent letter that he is really beginning to understand why Christ loves the little ones so much.  The children always have a smile for the missionaries and always make him feel better after a hard day.  He is serving in a little fishing village called Guapinol.  There is no where in Guapinol for he and his companion to live because it is such a poor area. He says literally every house is made of sticks with dirt floors.  He and his comp. live about 45 min. away in a town called Monjaras.  They ride the bus each day to Guapinol and serve the people there.  One of his absolute favorite things is that he is teaching seminary!  He said his comp. knows Spanish better.  (He is from El Salvador)  But Jordan knows the Old Testament better so he teaches.  He has truly been blessed with the gift of tongues to be able to teach a seminary class 4 days after he arrived in Honduras.  His first companion Elder Guillen went home yesterday so he now has a new comp.  He was hoping to be able to keep serving in Guapinol.  I guess we will find out on Monday where he is and who he is with.  The Lord has truly blessed me with a sense of peace and joy for Jordan.  How else would a mother be able to live 2 years without seeing her child?  How else would I be able to sleep at night with Jordan living in the jungle?  :) 
It is a great blessing to have a son serving a mission. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Hawaii day at school.  I had a cute class this year.  I only had 16 students most of the year.  That NEVER happens here in Utah.  It was a really great year with such a small class.  I got to meet my students for next year yesterday.  OH, they are so cute!!  I will have a larger class next year but I think they will be a great group.  As for now... On with SUMMER!!!!

Dinner by Whitney

With a little help from sous chef Madee

Whitney took a foods class this year at school.  She made dinner for us the other night as part of her homework.  We have a great sandwich place here in Cedar and they serve a yummy "Thunderbird" sandwich.  We tried to mimic their sandwich.  It turned out pretty good!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tables and happiness

So I have been trying really hard NOT to be sad and obsess about missing and worrying about Jordan.  I just LIVE for Mondays when we get his email.  Then I read and and think "Well, dang now I have to wait a whole week before I can hear from him again.  It is SOOOOO hard.  I really don't think you can even understand the feeling unless you have or have had a child on a mission.  I have a favorite song I listen to called "My Son".  In it is says; "to everyone else he is just a boy gone for two years, but to me he is so much more."  That is so true.  But then I think about him being home and I say, "I wouldn't want him home.  He is just where he needs to be."  He is so happy and is loving and learning so much by being in Honduras.  I am so excited for Mother's Day when I will be able to talk to him.  I have so much I want to say.  So much I want him to tell me.  I can't wait to hear him speak Spanish.  :)  This is the "Jordan hall of honor"  Tomorrow I get to mark off another month on my calendar.  4 down and 20 to go.  :)  :(  This is how I feel about that. 

I LOVED this paper.  Can you read it?  Check the bottom of the post for those of you that need a translation. 

We had our Relief Society dinner a couple of weeks ago.  The asked people to sign up to decorated the tables.  They said you would have to take home your dirty dishes and wash them.  So I decided that sounded like a terrible idea and I would just do paper products so I would not have to take a box of dirty dishes home.  :)  Then the idea of a school themed table came to my mind.  The colored papers on the table say;
A mother is...
A sister is...
A friend is...
A teacher is...
 I had my class write something on each of the papers.  My favorite was "A mother is someone who tells you what to do!"  Anyway, the table was a hit.  And why several of my RS sisters were at home washing dishes at 10:00 pm I was home relaxing!!!
Answer:  Big strawberry, healthy for your body.  :)