Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Waiting for Elder Comstock to call.  :)

What a GREAT day!!!!  On Monday in Jordan's email he told us the Mission President said they could not SKYPE for Mother's Day.  I was a little disappointed but just excited to be able to talk to him.  Then I guess he emailed Mark on Wednesday and told him the President said they could SKPYE afterall.  He wanted it to be a surprise for me so they hatched a plan.  He called on Sunday morning and said he would be calling at 6:00 that evening.  We went to mom and dad's house for dinner and then came home and waited by the phone.  His BIG plan for the surprise did not quite work.  He wanted to call and then have me go into the bedroom to talk to him while Mark set up the SKYPE.  However the computer he needed to use didn't arrive at the house he was at in time so he just called and said that we would get to SKYPE when the computer arrived.  I was sooooo excited.  Mark was so nice and got it all set up on the TV.  It was so much fun to just sit around the couch and talk to him.  It kinda felt like he was in the living room with us.  :)  Then to top off the night after we got off the SKYPE Mark handed me a letter Jordan had written to me.  It was such a nice letter.  What a great son he is.  Whitney surprised me with a beautiful pair of earrings she picked out when she was up north with Phillip's family.  How sweet of her to think of me.  Mark and the girls let me pick out some new clothes when we were in St. George on Saturday. And Mark got me some nice new floor mats for the car and an airfreshener.  Mark spoke in church and gave a fabulous talk.  It was an AWESOME DAY!  I am blessed to be a wife and mother to such a wonderful husband and children. 

Romeo and Juliet

Lexi (Juliet), Alyssa, and Courtney

Courtney performed in Romeo and Juliet with her Honors Core class.
It was such a fun evening.  Mark and I went with her to eat a fancy dinner in The Great Hall at SUU.  Then after the dinner we were able to watch the play.  She was Narrator #7.  We were so impressed with the play and all the hard work her teacher and class put into the performance.  

Sister Lowry

We said Goodbye to our dear friend and "other daughter" on Tuesday, April 23rd.

She has chosen to serve a mission.  She was called to the 
Florida Orlando Mission.
She will be such a great missionary.  We have known K'Loni for the the past 5 years.  She has played soccer for Mark and been a good friend to Jordan and Whitney and basically a part of our family.  
Mark made a bet with her 5 years ago when she was talking about wanting to go on a mission.  He told her she would be married before she ever made it on a mission.  They decided if she got married  before serving a mission Mark would get to sit at the head table with her at her wedding dinner or lunch.  And IF she ended up serving a mission we would buy her mission scriptures.  In October when President Monson announced the change in mission age K'Loni won the bet!!!!!!  Here we are the night before she left wishing her well and giving her her new mission scriptures.  :)