Saturday, August 18, 2012

First Day of School 2012

Yes we had another first day of school in our family.  I cried most of the morning.  Not because I didn't want to go back to work but because my kids are growing up way to fast!!!  Mark was giving each of the girls a fathers blessing and it hit me that Jordan was not there.  Jordan is always there on the first day of school.  He is the one who started going to school all those years ago.  He was my first child to HAVE a first day of school. And now he wasn't here.  Oh how I miss that boy!!!!  I realized at that moment that this was Whitney's LAST first day of school.  She is such an amazing person.  I know she will have a great year.  I just felt sad to think it was here LAST first day of school.  :(  Courtney entered the 8th grade.  She will be in HS next year.  Just exactly where has the time gone?!?!?  Madee was very sad all morning.  She was starting her first year at our neighborhood school, Fiddlers Elementary.  She was so nervous and sad to think she would not see all her friends from North Elementary.  And you know when your kids are sad you are 10 times sadder than they are.  So Geez!!  It was an emotional morning. 

Of course Elder Comstock was not with us but I wanted a picture of him on this post.  :)

Courtney 8th Grade

Whitney Senior Year!!!!

Whitney and Dad off to school together. 

These pictures will break your heart.
I should have taken some after school.
She was smiling then.  :)

UPDATE... WE all had a GREAT day!!!
Whitney had fun seeing all her friends and having 3 classes with her dad. She finished the day winning a soccer game.
Courtney loves the 8th grade and thinks this will be her best year yet!
Madee had a great day and said everyone at her new school is so nice and she loves her teacher!
Mark and I both have a bunch of great students.  Mark got to win a soccer game (against the reining 2A state champs)  I just LOVE first graders!!  They are so excited for school and so much fun to spend the day with.  :) 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Guess Who Got Their Senior Picture Taken?!?!?!?

Whitney did!!!!!
I cannot believe she will be a Senior this year.
I have such mixed feelings about this upcoming school year.
On one hand I want it to FLY by.
Then I will be closer to seeing Jordan again.
BUT on the other hand...
I want time to stand still because this is
Whitney's last year in High School.
She is such a sweet girl. 
She is not only beautiful on the outside,
she is beautiful and good through and through.
She is thoughtful, funny, sweet, kind, loving,
caring, generous, out-going, and
just an all around good daughter, sister,
and friend. 

She is Getting Married!!!!

The third member of the "3 Hooded Posse"  Callie with Whitney,
Ashely, and Jayli.

D and Cassie 2 of the "Three Hooded Posse"/ 

More of Cassies cute friends. 

The table...
We did an ice cream bar.
It ended up being so nice. 

Me and "My Cassie"

Cassie's mom Julie and friend Kim.

More cute friends. 
All these girls played soccer for Mark!

Jessica, who was at the shower, made this map of all of her friends who are currently serving missions.
It is so neat to think that Jordan and so many of his friends are living all over the world
serving the Lord. 
"My Cassie", as I like to call her is getting married at the end of the month.  Naturally we wanted to throw a wedding shower for her since she is practically family.  We had a fun evening.  I am so happy for her.  She has found a wonderful man who is great for her.  Cassie and Austin will be married in the Salt Lake Temple on August 31st.  We are so excited for their big day.