Friday, July 29, 2011

Note to self...

Ya, note to self... When your children say they have cleaned the bathroom DON"T believe them!!!!  Oh my word!  I just spend 3 hours cleaning bathrooms today.  And was I glad I had some good rubber gloves and lots of bathroom cleaner, a good scouring sponge, and lots of paper towels!  WOW, the kids bathrooms were disgusting.  Hopefully it is normal that they just "Surface" clean when I say "Did you clean your bathroom?" and they say "yes".  Jordan moved in with some friend last week and Whitney and Courtney went to Lake Powell with the Young Women.  So Madee is an only child this weekend.  Yesterday Mark and I left the house to drop her off at a friends and then a we were driving home thought "Why are we going home?"  We have total freedom!  So we went to lunch at Pizza Factory and then went to see Captain America.  Great movie and great company.  The movie was over in just enough time to pick Madee up from her friends and for Mark to make it to his soccer practice.  FUN AFTERNOON!!!  Today we decided to be more practical.  Lindsay and Megan are here and the girls are all playing so good.  I decided to play maid and Mark is playing yard boy!  Oh well, ya gotta do it sometime right? 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes...

Tonight we were playing "Imagine If..."  a fun family game.  Madee read the question.
"Imagine if dad could discover the answer to a great mystery.  Which mystery would he choose?"
1. Who killed JFK?
2. What are the Colonel's eleven secret herbs and spices?
3. Is there life in outer space?
4. What is the secret of eternal youth and good looks?
5. How come I pay more taxes than Donald Trump?
6. What happens after death?
Then she looked up at us and said, "Duh, everyone knows what happens after you die!  You go to heaven and live with Jesus!"  Gotta love the truth and innocence of children!

Wondering what Mark's answer was?  "As much as I enjoy history and the JFK thing intrigues me, I would pick number 4."

Sunday, July 24, 2011


We were so happy to have Hailey come to visit this week.  She and Whitney had so much fun together.  Whitney went to Denver with Aunt Kate while we were in Park City.  Then on Monday Grandma and Kate came back to Utah.  Hailey came with them and stayed with us until Saturday.  It was fun having her with us.  She is so sweet and kept telling Mark what a good dad he is.  I am glad she noticed the obvious!  : )  We hope to make Hailey's visit a summer tradition. 

Just to see you smile.



AFTER..  Not to happy : (
Courtney got braces on Thursday.  She looks so adorable.  I told her how great she looked with them on and she said, "You have to say that you are my mom."  The next day Madee said, "You look good with braces Courtney."  And Courtney said, "That is what mom said.  You have to say that cuz you are my family!"  Madee's reply was... "Courtney you know me, I would tell you if you didn't look good!"  Which is totally true!!!!!!  See for yourself how darling she is with her NEW smile!

Then Whala...  Isn't she darling?!?!?!?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Part 2

We saw this beautiful rainbow one evening.

Becky and Courtney getting ready to take off on the EXTREME ZIP LINE!!

Time for HARRY!!!!

Family talent show.  The girls sang with grandma.  Courtney, Madee, and Elysse did a rap.

Jodi and Becky.  Loved being able to spend time with her.
We are more like sisters than cousins!!!!

Court and Syd.  SO CUTE!!

Just a few of my darling cousins. 
(Now you can see yourself when you blog stalk me Stacey!)

Mom and some of my aunts.

Madee and Ainsley our cousin from Kyrgyzstan.

Of course we had a stop at the BYU CREAMERY for ice cream and mint brownies.

We went to the BYU Museum of Art.  Mark worked there when it very first opened.
This cool sculpture was there.  Can you tell what it is made of? 
Books from the floor to the ceiling!!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family VAY-CAY Part 1

  We took our annual family vacation last week.  We went back to Park City.  We love Park City and staying at the Mountainside Marriott.  Mom and Dad are so generous to share their timeshare with all of us.  We spent alot of time at the pool and I failed to get any pictures there.  I finished reading "The Help" by the pool and started "The Peacegiver".  I could sit and read by the pool all summer!!!!  On Friday and Saturday many members of the Felt Family joined us so I did much more talking than reading by the pool on those days!!!  :)   We spent a day at Olympic Park, had many yummy breakfasts together, went to see Harry Potter (loved it!!), worked out in the gym, took long walks, the boys went to a Utah Blaze arena football game,  did some shopping, went to Tereasa's amazing home for some chicken and dumplings, had picnics in the park, and so much more!!!! 
The adults at Red Rock eating dinner in Park City.

Lindsey and Whitney

Whitney and Courtney with their bracelets ready for some fun at Olympic Park.

Madee and Courtney "down hill racing" at Olympic Park.

Mark, Madee, Courtney, and Becky "down hill skiing"!!!!

Jordan, Dahlin, and Whitney got to ride the BOBSLED at Olympic Park. 
They were going at speeds close to 70 mph!!  Not many people
can say they have ridden a bobsled on an Olympic bobsled track!!!
They made it to the bottom in 1 minute and 2 seconds!!!!

Dahlin was in the back, then Whitney, then Jordan, and then their driver.

And then we were off to the slide.

Whitney and her "big me" Jenaca and Jenaca's darling baby Savannah.

Madee found this chipmunk and took this picture.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Jordan had to have a little procedure done so he would be healthy and ready to serve his mission.  He is healing well and we are so proud of all he does to prepare for this important thing he wants to do.