Friday, August 28, 2009


Jordan gets his own post since I did not put any pictures of him on the first day of school post. Here he is on the day of his first Varsity Football game! He scored 4 of the teams 10 points. He is the kicker and he made an extra point and a field goal. Way to go Jordan! Oh and yes he has a beard. The team grew them for the first game. He shaved it after the game because they lost. I hope a clean shaven team will win tonight!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


We all went back to school last week.

It is nice to back to our routines but we do miss our lazy summer days! Whitney is starting her first day of high school looking as fabulous as ever!!! Of course she finished her outfit with flip-flops (it is all she EVER wears) Mark and Whitney getting ready to head off to school together. Yes that is right, Mark, Jordan, and Whitney all go to the same school. Most kids would have a problem having their dad at school with them. But not when your dad is Mr. Comstock, one of the coolest teachers at the school. Yes, Mark has found his life's calling; and he does a fabulous job! Just ask ANYONE who has ever been in one of his classes or has had him for a coach. Madelynn is ready for her first day of second grade. She will no longer be in her mom's class. I am a bit sad about that. But she will just be down the hall when one of us needs a hug. Courtney is ready for the fifth grade and going to conquer it in style. She has a great teacher this year who is one of our neighbors. And also Whitney's Mia Maid teacher. That lucky lady gets to teach two of my darling daughters. I am out of time and I want to publish the post so I will add some pictures of Jordan when I have a minute.