Monday, November 5, 2012


Courtney as Audrey Hepburn.

Our favorite 4 year old and "other daughter"  Audrey with Madee and Whitney.

So Madelynn said she has NEVER carved a pumpkin!  So Monday night Mark got the girls together (and a couple of neighbor kids) and started his masterpiece.  It turned out pretty good I'd say.  :)
Me and my BFF teacher friend Melissa.
Coach Huxford was nice enough to track down Jordan's number for me to wear. 
Of course it was Mark's idea.  How sweet!  I about started crying when he brought the jersey over. 
My cute class!  Yes all 28 of them!!!!!

How we love the Sister Missionaries!
I think they scored a few extra pieces of candy in our neighborhood with these outfits.
They even reminded many people to read their scriptures as the said thank you and ran to the next house.  Cute girls.  :)  We had the missionaries over for dinner tonight before all the trick or treating began.  It was Madee's idea to be a sister missionary for Halloween and she talked a few of her friends into it. 


The Mia Maids came over the night before Courtney's birthday and made this candy bar poster on her wall to welcome her to the Mia Maid class.  CUTE!

I made her a giant oreo for her cake. 

Birthday girl #2 with her big sis.  (Courtney did not want to be in the picture. )

We are lucky enough to have 2 birthdays in a row in October.  On the 25th Courtney turned 14.  On the 26th Madelynn turned 11.  We are so blessed to have these two amazing girls in our family.  We had fun celebrating all month long.  We started in Denver the week before their birthdays and finished celebrating in Cedar with the family the week after their birthday. 

Fall Break, Gingerbread, REAL Mall, Birthdays and Family!

We went to Denver for the fall break.
I did not remember to get my camera out!  Except for Saturday night.  Grandma planned a party for all the October birthdays!
Lauren, Reilly, Corey, Courtney, and Madee. 
Grandpa had an October birthday but he opted out of the picture.  :) 

Grandma got an ice cream cake from Cold Stone. 
YUM!!!!  Cookies and Cream. 

While we were in Denver we did a little shopping at a REAL mall.  We all just get giddy at the thought of going to a real mall.  :)  We ate out at some fabulous places.  My favorite would have to be Cheesecake Factory.  I had the Hershey's Chocolate Cheesecake.  It was delish.  Grandma and I got eyelash extensions.  That was fun.  I think I am now addicted to them and I don't know anyone in Cedar that does them.  :(  And Lauren and Grandma and I worked on gingerbread houses.  Lauren made an amazing Haunted Halloween house.  I made a typical candy house.  I will post pictures when I perfect it a bit.