Sunday, February 27, 2011

The View

How lucky am I? This is the view out my window.
This big window is what I see from my kitchen.
I am so blessed!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

He did it!!!!

I am so proud of my boy:)

I need to learn how to post scanned pictures
on the blog better. I will work on it. But in the mean time I had to post these pictures.
Jordan on his first day of first grade and
Jordan's first Christmas in his
BYU shirt!

This is a scrapbook page I made years ago.
A post about my first born child getting
into BYU would not be complete without
talking about my Grandpa Felt. Grandpa had
a few loves in his life.
1. His family
2. The Lord and the Gospel of Jesus Christ
3. BYU
When I was growing up he would always say, "When you come
go to BYU..." It was never WILL you go to BYU it was
always WHEN you go to BYU. Grandpa was
the Student Body President of BYU back
in the day and he taught religion
at BYU for years. I am sure he is looking down from
heaven smiling at the thought of
his first great-grandchild attending his
beloved BYU!!!

Jordan did it. He is that much closer to realizing his life long dream to attend BYU. He found out last night he has been accepted to BYU. We are so proud of him. BYU is getting harder and harder to get into these days. Jordan has planned his classes and extra curricular activities in high school with BYU in mind since his freshman year. What an accomplishment to be accepted to the school you have wanted to attend your whole life!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yes, it was a happy Valentines Day.

My flowers and Precious Moments.
The girls flowers and Precious Moments.

Mark said that this is the one time he is all on his own. HE is in charge of the gifts with no help from me. Well, he did good again this year.
I heart-attacked his truck and left him a few of his favorite treats. And got Jordan a treat or two and a pocket Book of Mormon. He has been wanting one since Christmas. They have been sold out all over. Jordan was sweet and got me a box of my favorite "mint fudge dipped oreos" and a dark chocolate carmels. Dad also showed up at my school with a huge fudge heart with my name on it. Wow!! I am truly blessed:)
It was a good day!!!

Introducing the Jr. Garbage Can Band!!!!

The class played on cans, milk jugs, pots, homemade maracas, and garbage cans.
Playin with the CVHS band.

Jordan doin his thing.

Jordan playing the glass bottle.

I have had a fabulous student teacher in my class for the past 6 weeks. She was in David's band in high school and still plays her trumpet at SUU. She put together a Jr. Garbage Can Band with my 1st graders. And boy was it a hit!! The kids loved it, their parents loved it, her proffessor at SUU loved it, the CVHS Garbage Can Band loved it, all of North Elementary loved it. The high school band came and played for us and then our band performed in an assembly. David then asked my kids if they wanted to perform with his kids! Oh, it was so fun. My kids had the time of their life.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Miracles

I got a new calling at church this week. One I NEVER expected!! I was asked to teach Gospel Doctrine. Yes, my jaw dropped to the floor too when I was asked. Well I was given two days to think of a good reason why I couldn't do it but every excuse I came up with was not good enough. I have faith that the Lord is calling me to this position, not my next door neighbor who is in the bishopric and asked me to do it. So I will do it. Oh yes, it will be HARD, but I am sure blessings will come through my study of the New Testament. I was talking to my mom about it today. (she and my dad teach gospel doctrine in their ward) We were talking about all the little miracles that happened in Christ's life that were not recorded or that we may not recognize as miracles. Our family had a "little miracle" happen this week:

My jeep stopped working about 2 weeks ago. It was the strangest thing. I drove it home from school and then went to get in it 20 minutes later to take Madee to her singing group and it would not start. When I turned the key NOTHING happened. It was COMPLETELY dead. We tried to charge the battery but nothing worked still. We just let the car sit in the garage because we were sure it was something major that was wrong and wanted to wait till payday to take it in. We had just paid our tithing that week. (A BIG tithing check for part of Dec. and the whole month of Jan.) I have to admit we did think for a split second... "it would be nice to have that money right now." Two weeks later payday came. Jordan went out to tow the car to the shop with at friend. He thought he would just try to start it just for fun. Which I had done a couple of times during the two week period. When Jordan tried to start it that night it started!!! He drove it to the shop anyway to have them check it out. $40 dollars later he picked up the car and brought it home! Now that is a "little miracle" for our family. And a testimony of paying a full tithe:)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Happy, happy birthday mother and sister dear.

Courtney and Grandma. What a beautiful grandma my children have!!!
Me with the birthday girls.

It was mom and Julie's birthday this weekend. We had a party on Saturday for them. Julie and David and Mark and I gave mom a temple dress. Julie's mom makes and designs the most beautiful temple dresses. You can see them at We gave mom a card and told her she could choose the dress she wanted. And we will plan a day we can all go to the temple and dinner together. It is great having family so close by.

Jimmer Fever!!!

Well... idk why the picture came up sideways, but what
I do know is that we LOVE Jimmer at our house!!!
Jordan had this hat "custom made".
Mark tells the kids they need to name
their first born son Jimmer. Jordan had a pet
goldfish named Jimmer. But he has
left this world for a better place.
Fish heaven maybe?
Go BYU #7 Basketball team in the Nation!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

The aftermath of all the food!!!

Lisa and I the "official photographers" of the party.

The BIG winners of the game. And the board we used for the game. Everyone put in a dollar for each square they put their name on. Then at the end of each quarter we had a winner. For instance if the score was 10 to 14 at the end of the first quarter the person whose name landed on 0 and 4 on the chart won. Or in the second quarter if the score was 14 to 21 the person whose name intersected with 4 and 1 won the cash. There were 100 squares on the chart so we had $25 a quarter for the prizes. We filled in the names first and then drew cards with numbers on them randomly to fill the numbers on top and down so it was totally random. It was kind of fun cheering for a score and not necessarily a team.

We had a big party for the Super Bowl with a few friends. It was fun. We had LOTS of good food and good company. We played a fun game and had 4 big winners. (One for each quarter). I don't know to much about the game I missed most of it because I was talking or eating. But I did love the Darth Vader Volkswagon ad.

Friday, February 4, 2011

CVHS Trash Can Band

Playing the glass bottles. This is brand new this year! Yes, he has had to drink quite a few sparkling ciders this month!

Jordan loves this picture. Pointing to the ladies:)
That is Dahlin, David's son on Jordan's right.

A few of the boys start out playing and sweeping the brooms.

My brother Dave is the band teacher at the high school. Dave started his love of music as a percussionist. So it is natural that as a band and orchestra teacher he still LOVES percussion. Well, he decided to start at "STOMP" type band at his school a few years ago. It has been so much fun to watch them play at half time at the basketball games. It is Jordan's favorite part of band!