Monday, July 26, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Whitney went to girls camp today. Actually girls camp does not officially start until tomorrow. Whitney is a 4th year girl this year so she went on the 4th year hike. They had to carry everything they will need for tonight and tomorrow on their backs and hike into camp. She was less than thrilled about it. I think I passed on my NOT LOVE of hiking to her. I am so proud of her that she went. She will be up on the mountian until Friday. It is raining right now so I am praying she is o.k. I miss her! AND I will miss going to Girls Camp this year. It will be my first year in (I can't remember NOT going to girls camp). I am just proud of Whitney for doing things she knows are hard but trying and being a good sport anyway:) She is a great girl!

Beautiful Girls all over the world... (Or maybe just in Utah)

After we took out all the twists from the 4th of July hairdo!
Whitney and Jenaca. Jenaca is Whitney's "Big Me"
A few years ago at a Family Reunion each of the "older" cousins
picked a "Little Me". Jenaca and Whitney have been really close ever since!

Are my counsins gorgeous or what?

Whitney and Katie

Jenaca, Whitney, and Elysse

Jenaca and Whitney. I love that Whitney has a person like
Jenaca to look up to!

Courtney after a day at the beauty salon.

4th of July in Cedar

Whit and her BFF Kyra
Cassie, Conner, Whitney, Madee, and Kyra

Whitney and me (trying really hard NOT to have a double chin)
It didn't quite work!!
Madee's cute 4th of July hairdo! We have been having
fun trying lots of new hair style this summer.
The link to blog where I get the hair ideas is on my bloglist.

As I posted last year I LOVE THE 4th OF JULY IN CEDAR!!! We always go down to Main Street to the parade. It is definitely a SMALL town parade but it is tradition for us to go. Jordan marched with the band in the parade and Courtney was with a friend but we got some shots of those that were with us. It is a fun day with the parade in the morning and games and activities at Main Street Park after the parade. It is fun to just walk around the park and see people and visit. It is a reason why we love Cedar. It is fun to go to the park and have so many people you know around to visit with:) In the afternoon we went with Grandpa to The Cedar Nut and Candy Factory to get milkshakes and malts. They are delicious! Then there were the fireworks at night. It was a great day!


Grandma, Andrew, Bob, and Spencer at dinner.
Our favorite street signs near Mark's parents house!

Our niece Darby. Is she a beauty or what? Her personality is just as cute as she is too!

Madelynn and Reagan in the Ladybug.

Reilly and Courtney after the game.

Rye and Court

Play Ball!!!

I did not take to many pics when we were in Denver. It seemed like I carried my camera around ALL the time but forgot to actually get it out and take some pictures. Anyway we did go to a Rockies game I got a few shots of that. I got a few shots at the park at one of our picnics. Better luck next time capturing more important moments on film.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summa, Summa, Summer Time!

The view outside our hotel window.Mom and I right outside our hotel. Yes we did go to the beach MANY times. I just prefer to only post pictures of myself fully clothed!!!!

How cute our my two girls?

Court and Grandma at the Cheesecake Factory.

Jordan and Grandpa Jordan at dinner.

Me and the girls lounging by the pool!

What a face!

Madee jumping over Grandpa.

We loved A Bugs Life!

Jasmine LOVED Jordan and Dahlin! As you can tell she was smitten. Aladdin insisted on being in the picture too:)

We are ready BUZZ. Toy Story ride. Out longest wait. Which almost took the fun out of the ride!

But NOT for Madee.

Daddy's Girls!

Like I said we loved A Bug's Life.

Utah Summer Games Silver Medalists.

Whit-Bit on the field.

I LOVE SUMMER!!! Mark and I have the BEST jobs. To have a whole summer off is such a dream. We have done some great things this summer and we have done alot of NOTHING! Which hey, why not sit in bed and read a book, take a nap, simply flip through your 2oo channels and then decide their is nothing to watch? Not many people can say they actually have time to do that kind of stuff. Mark and Jordan and Whitney get up early pretty much every morning and go to soccer and football and band. They are home by 9:30 (just about the time me and the girls are popping out of bed:) ) So when we are home we hang out and try to get some things done we have been putting off. However, I am REALLY good at saying "I will do that tomorrow." Courtney and Madee played softball this Spring and into the Summer. Jordan and Whitney played soccer in the Utah Summer Games. (Mark coached 3 teams) One of Mark's team won the Bronze and Jordan's team won the Silver. Jordan also played Ultimate Frisbee and won the Bronze. We went to California with the whole Jordan Family and had a blast! Mom and Dad are so generous with their time share. They always plan a fun week in the summer for all of us. We spend 2 days at Disneyland and California Adventure and the rest of the week in Desert Palms by the pool. It was GREAT! We came home and Mark and Whitney headed to Soccer Camp and I headed with mom to Tampa, Florida. Mom and I had a great time together. On my way back from Florida Mark and I stayed a night in Vegas for our 19th Wedding Anniversary! WOW! 19 years! Where has the time gone. I love being married to my best friend. Then Jordan headed to Football camp and Wednesday we head to Denver to visit the Comstock's. SUMMER IS SIMPLY THE BEST!