Friday, March 25, 2011

BYU and Scholarships

Yes I know I have played the proud mother card way to much lately but...

We just found out this week that Jordan not only got into BYU he also got a scholarship!!!

What a kid! He is a great son and Mark and I are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments thus far in his short 18 years.


The Brownies!!

Do we look more alike now that we both have brown hair?
My friend Leslie left a great comment on my blog.
She said "Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes are more fun!!"
I know it is not the greatest picture but Jordan would not
get up off the couch to take it. :)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Great Day!

We (David, Julie, Mom, Dad, Mark, and I) went to the temple on Saturday. We have been wanting to do it for Mom's birthday. We finally found a day we could all do it. We went to lunch at SmashBurger afterwards. Everyone got up and left the table before I could get a picture. Julie came back to pose with me. It was a really good day. How lucky are we to all be able to go to the temple together? I am blessed!!!!

I'm with the band!

The teacher band. Everyone in the band teaches at the
High School. They used to call themselves
"The Educators". Now they are
"Daze 180" (for 180 days in school) :)
That is Dave on the drums.

Jordan joined a band on the morning of The Battle of the Bands.
He also learned how to play the bass that morning.

"idk if blondes have more fun..."

But I will let you know!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cousin Fun!!

Here we are the "crafty cousins"

Jodi and I with our cute scarves.

The scarf

Jodi came with her kids this weekend. She had a speaking engagement in Enoch. She has done great things with her book. She has gone all over Utah, Idaho, and California speaking to Relief Society and Young Womens groups. She does an amazing job on her presentations. You can read more about her at (She did tell me I would make a great publicist) I like to brag about her every chance I get:) We had lots of fun together. We went to her speaking engagement and dinner with her two girls and Courtney and Whitney and Chelsea and Ashlee. Then we went to Wal-Mart with Whitney and Jacqueline at 10:30pm. Then we came home and took Courtney and Sydney at 11:30pm. Who knew the girls loved Wal-Mart so much! We got up Saturday morning and went to Ashley's birthday party and then to St. George to hang out with Jodi's brother Mark and his family. We let the kids swim and did some shopping. Jodi stayed the night there and came back to Cedar around lunch time. We had lunch. (Mark's Japanese Chicken) We made some cute scarves out of t-shirts. Jodi got the idea from Studio5 on ksl. And then had dinner at David and Julie's. Jodi and I always have so much fun visiting with each other and the kids had a great time playing together. GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!

Mountain West Conference Championship

#32 Jimmer!!! 50 points


This is the ONLY picture they took of themselves

Check out # 32's points!!

Mark and Jordan went to Vegas to the MWC Championship. They decided to do it for a father son Senior trip. They went with Mark's friend and Jordan's football coach and his son. They had a great time watching Jimmer score 52 points against New Mexico!!!! WoW!!! Mark said it was the best basketball game he had EVER been to. And Mark has been to ALOT of basketball games. They were sad to see BYU loose to San Diego State but were are all geared up for more March madness!! And BYU at "The Big Dance!" They made some great memories together.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Calling all my creative, crafty friends!!

Jordan's high school does a big 'Grad Night' Celebration each year for all the Seniors. This year I am on the committee helping to plan it. I was put in charge of decorating the "Carnival. Themed" room. If any of you wonderful readers have any ideas for me would you please leave a comment? Thank you!

Band Concert

There is Courtney's back, but it is a good shot of Ashey.

These are horrible pictures, but the music was great. We are so proud of Courtney and the effort she puts into the flute. It was fun to hear both her and Jordan perform at the concert.

Make-up Madness

Who knew Jordan was a master baker? He made
Whitney her favortie. Homemade Oreos. YUM!!!
Chelsea (the make-up artist) Madee and Courtney.

We are in some REAL trouble here!!

Some may equate March with March Madness. But when you live in house with so many girls we call it Make-up Madness. Jordan's friend Chelsea was over at the house last night and she did some makeovers on Courtney and Madelynn. Jordan made cookies for Whitney who was busy with piles and piles of homework. (must be the end of the quarter) :-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BYU basketball

Here is Courtney at her "courtside seats".
The end of the game!!

Here comes Jimmer!

Courtney and my dad went to the BYU v. Wyoming game Saturday. They sat on the front row right behind the basket. (Thank you Grandpa Felt) :-) When Mark and I were at BYU we used to take Jordan and sit in those same seats. Courtney has been wanting to go see JIMMER play all year. Finally she got her chance. And wow what a game it was. It was a sold out crowd and it was the last home game so the crowd was ROWDY! She had so much fun. What a great memory she will have spending time with her grandpa.