Monday, January 30, 2012

Missionary Moms

While we were up North we went to meet Jordan's mission companions family!  Crazy huh?  I joined a missionary mom email group after Jordan got his call and met this lady Marilyn Oveson through it.  She said her son was going to same mission as Jordan and going into the MTC the same day as Jordan.  Her and I started emailing back and forth and low and behold her son and Jordan ended up being companions!!!  Small world huh?  They seem to be doing well together.  I wish I had a picture of them together but he has not sent me any yet.  Marilyn and I decided to snap a picture together to give to our sons.  I know they will think we are absolutely CRAZY!  Which maybe we are.  As we (me and Whit) were driving to their home late Friday night Whitney said to me "Mom do you realize what you are doing?  Didn't you say you met this lady online?  And now you are going to her house on a dark late night!  Isn't that the opposite of what you are supposed to do?"  Well, she had a point!  It turned out great.  They are a great family and we had a nice visit.  It was just fun to sit around and talk about our sons.

Legacy of Love

Jodi went all out with the table settings.
Isn't it beautiful?

Aren't all my cousins, daughters, and aunts gorgeous?!?!?!?
We had such a great weekend.  Whitney, Courtney, Mom, Julie, and I went up North.  Jodi was hosting a brunch for all the cousins and aunts in honor of Grandma and Grandpa Felt.  It would be both of their birthday's this week so we wanted to honor and remember them.  It was son fun getting together with the girls and sharing memories of our wonderful grandparents.  My cousin Stacey is getting married in March so we had a shower for her too,  I just think it is so great that we all WANT to be together.  And that when we get together we are so excited to see each other and hear all about what everyone and their families have been up to!  It was fun to see Tammy and Kathleen and talk about "our missionaries".  I can't believe our boys are all serving missions.  I am truly blessed with such a great family and legacy of love left by my maternal grandparents.  I miss grandma and grandpa so much.  But I feel them near quite often and know they are smiling down from heaven on me and my family.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Precious Moments

Last night we were at the SUU girls basketball game.  Courtney's basketball team was asked to play another team during half time.  After she played her friend told her that another friends mom was coming to pick them up to go to dinner.  (They were trying to get one of her friends out of the house so they could put together a suprise party for her.)  Courtney did not know that they were leaving directly from the game.  She was still in her basketball clothes.  Now to many people that may not be a big deal.  But to a 13 year old girl not having the right outfit for dinner and the party afterwards WAS a big deal.  Courtney was a little sad that they were going straight to dinner.  Whitney looked at her and said, "You can wear my clothes.  Do you want to go into the bathroom and change?"  As I watched all 3 of my girls bounce up the stairs of the Centrum and then come back in a few mintues later, Courtney in a cute pair of jeans, a darling shirt, stylish flats, and a cool leather jacket, Whitney in shorts and a t-shirt.  I thought to myself that I want to remember this moment, how happy they all are, how sweet and kind that was of Whitney and how fun it is to have sisters!  So next time they are fighting over where the purple sweater is or who wore those jeans last I will remember them on Saturday night!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Charity Never Faileth

Charity Never Faileth is the Relief Society theme.  I have seen it in action over this past week and half by members of my church and by those who are members of other churches.  I have been thinking allot about how kind people are this past week and half.  The day we took Jordan to the MTC I got so many texts from so many kind women wishing me well and telling me they were thinking about me.  When we got home that day I took a long hot bath and put my PJ's on (at like 6:00). That night as I lay on the couch totally depressed there was a knock on the door.  It was a neighbor who I don't even know that well.  She brought a plate of rolls and simply said, "I was just thinking about you today.  You looked so sad on Sunday and I knew you took Jordan to the MTC today."  The Sunday before we took Jordan a lady in the ward came to me and hugged me and told me she was so jealous of me!  She has two sons that served missions and are now home.  She told me how much she missed getting those letters each week.  On Thursday night another lady came by with a gift and a card.  She gave me the book I'll Love You Forever and a nice card.  How thoughtful of her.  I was thinking today how blessed I am and how nice it is to have friends and be surrounded by so many kind women.  Thank you to all of you who are examples of Christlike service and love!  

Monday, January 9, 2012

And he's off...

Mark's parents came in from Denver on Tuesday.  We all went to dinner at Wingers before Jordan was set apart.  You may notice all the boxes on the table.  No one could eat much, our stomachs were all in knots!!!!

Elder Comstock with his Grandpa and Grandma Jordan.

Elder Comstock with his Grandpa and Grandma Comstock.

Elder Comstock with the Jordan's.

These really aren't the greatest pictures of any of us. You can tell how hard we are all trying to smile.  These were taken in the parking lot across the street from the MTC.  I think we were all a bit apprehensive.  

I LOVE these two pictures!!!

I have been seriously contemplating for sometime now just HOW to say goodbye to my first born child, my only son for 2 years.  I will tell you this... It is NOT an easy thing.  BUT the MTC is such a great place.  As we drove up and saw ALL of those handsome Elders (more than 100 of them) standing outside waiting for MY son my heart was full.  As Jordan opened the truck door before his feet even touched the ground he was greeted by 4 handsome Elders with warm smiles and they all  said "Welcome to the MTC Elder."  I was blessed with a feeling of calm and peace.  I knew in my heart that Jordan would be fine.  Of course I would miss him terribly, but I was at peace.  As we drove away with our eyes full of tears Madee reminded us all that it is just CIAO (see ya later) not really goodbye!  Words cannot describe how proud I am of my son.  He will change lives and families in Honduras as he shares the good news of the gospel with all who will listen.