Sunday, October 31, 2010

Birthdays and Halloween!!!

Daniel and Jordan on Halloween Sunday.
They dressed as missionaries to go to a friends farwell!
My brother Dave and my Mom.

Courtney and all her cute friends getting ready to go trick-or- treat.

Kinley, Kylie, and Courtney in their cute costumes!

Madelynn the Fairy ready for a fun night of Halloween fun!

Courtney and Whitney at Courtney's birthday party.

All the kids at the party playing a game.
The Entertainer

Cute cousins at our family party.

The birthday girls!

We had two birthdays this week in our family. Courtney's birthday is Oct. 25the and Madee's is the 26th. Courtney turned 12 and Madee turned 9. It was a really crazy week trying to get all the celebrations in and Halloween concerts and parties. But we survived it. Here are some pictures of the highlights.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Families are Fun!

Courtney took some great actions shots of the game.
I love the "Y" mountain with all the Fall colors.

The Cougars WON!!!!

The girls with their newly purchased sweatshirts and rain ponchos.

"My Cassie" on the court. #5

Courtney had her first band concert on Tuesday.
Courtney and Whitney before the concert.

We fed the football team on Tuesday night. Here are Whitney and her
friends Kyra and Keely. Their mom's helped to feed the team too.

Colby, Zack, Jordan, and Kaden eating their delicious breakfast burrtios
Zack is Keely's brother and Kaden is Kyra's brother.

I love being with my family. This weekend we have 5 days off. We were all pretty lazy on Thursday. It was the last football game on Thursday night. Oh, it was so sad. The Falcons had a rough season this year. But the team was so close. Jordan did not want to walk off the field when the game was over. He was the last player off the field. The team stayed in the locker room hugging and crying for a long time. When else is it o.k. for teenage boys to hug, cry, and tell each other they love each other? I am so glad Jordan was able to associate with such a fine group of young men and coaches. He life is truly blessed because of his participation on the CVHS Falcon football team for the past 4 years.
On Friday we got up early to head to Salt Lake to watch "my Cassie" play basketball for Snow College. It was great seeing her play. Cassie is like part of our family and we were so glad to be able to be at one of her games. Then we went to lunch with her and her family and then to the mall. Courtney got her ears pierced! She has been waiting 12 long years to do that. We shopped and shopped for birthdays and clothes for our family picture. (We did that today) We stayed in a hotel in Provo on Friday night. On Saturday we went to the BYU game. (ALL of us but Whitney, she stayed with Jenaca) It was very rainy before the game and then it cleared up for most of the game. It started raining again at the end of the game. Only at a BYU game with that happen :) Today we went to church and Jordan gave a great talk on Hometeaching, then we went and had my cousin McKenzi take our family pictures and Jordan's senior pictures. I can't wait to see them! This afternoon was the perfect rainy day for a nap. SO we took one. Time to start dinner! I am so blessed to have such a great bunch of kids and a wonderful husband.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

National Honor Society, Volleyball, and "the prom".

Courtney worked hard on Madee's hair and picking out the perfect outfit.
Isn't she beautiful?

Courtney and a teammate and after she made a good serve.

Courtney with her game face.

Jordan and Madee by the ice sculpture of the "FALCON".

Kaden, Jordan, and Daniel

Jordan with the neighborhood kids.

We have done a few fun things this week. We went to the National Honor Society Induction to watch Jordan. We are so proud of him. He has been in the Honor Society all through High School. On Saturday we got to watch Courtney play volleyball with her middle school team. WOW! We were so impressed with her volleyball skills. She did a GREAT job. Then on Saturday night Courtney helped Madelynn get ready for "the prom". Isn't she gorgeous? I love it when they play together so nicely. Those two are either the best of friends or the worst of enemies. There is no in between with them.