Thursday, April 16, 2009

She said yes!

Jordan asked a friend of his to prom. I forgot to take a picture of how he asked. He bought a toy dump truck and we got some Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and put them in bed of the truck. We wrote with a sharpie marker in the bed of the truck "I would love to haul your 'buns' to Prom" (thanks Jill) On the license plate we wrote JC Trucking. Lindsey replied 2 days later with what we thought was a beautiful chocolate cake with " You must get through to see if I will go to Prom with you!" Jordan tried to take a bite of the cake but it was too hard to cut through. He started taking the frosting off and found out it was a frosted phone book! He combed through the phone book and finally noticed on the page that had her last name on it it said YES.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our annual Easter Egg Hunt at mom and dad's house! The weather was a bit chilly but it is never to cold to go out and find little plastic eggs full of chocolate and other wonderful candies!
We had a big dutch oven dinner to celebrate our Spring Break. We had chicken, beans, potatoes, and not shown apple cobbler. It was fun. Karin and her family had never had dutch oven food before it has been fun sharing some of our traditions with them. That is my dad and my nephew Dahlin in the the picture.