Monday, January 31, 2011

Hurray, Hurray for the 100th Day!!!!

Some of the student wore 100 things! Cereal necklaces, stamps on their shirt, braids in their hair, and stickers on their shirts. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!!

The 100 year old teachers. We wrote about what we would do if we were 100. Most of the kids wrote, "I would be dead!" I told them, "Look at me, I am 100 and I am NOT dead!"

Today is the 100th day of school. Me and Melissa (the other first grade teacher) dressed up like we were 100 years old. One of my sweet ESL students said I did not have enough stripes on my face to be 100 and that I needed to take out my teeth! Here are a few of the pictures of Melissa and I and some of my cute students who wore 100 things. FUN DAY!!!

It is time for BASKETBALL.

Jordan and the "Garbage Can Band."

Whitney and Kyra our two favorite book keepers!

Doesn't the crowd look amazing in all their black!?!?

This one is blurry. Sorry, but I was trying to get Jordan and his friends on the front row. They spelled out FALCONS with their shirts. And on the back it said JIMMER. They have nicknamed a Sophomore starter Jimmer.

The student government kids covered the gym in black signs! It looked so good!

Basketball season is upon us. Courtney is playing in the Junior Jazz league, Mark is coaching the JV Boys at the High School, and Whitney does the book. Jordan being the Student Body Pres. attends all the games and tries to get the school full of spirit! We played our cross town rivals last week. (Cedar) Our girls won and our boys lost. But the school spirit at both games was INCREDIBLE!!! Jordan and the rest of the Student Government kids worked really hard to have a good crowd and good school spirit at the games. I had many people tell me to be sure and let Jordan know he did an amazing job getting the students out to the games and showing their Canyon View Pride!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Evening with the Comstocks...

Madee acting silly.
I guess if you ate oreos for dinner and banana pudding for dessert, oh and cupcakes for you evening snack you may act a little strange too!
Whitney and Keeley making a treat. This is on the Sunday night
favorite things to do list. This Sunday it was Chocolate Molten Cupcakes.
Courtney on GMail. The computer is also quite popular on
Sunday evenings!

We do always eat Sunday dinner together. Sometimes with Grandma and Grandpa and David an Julie and family. Some evenings we get together with them for dessert. Lately, there has been alot of football in the afternoon. Mark and Jordan have been spending time each Sunday evening on their latest project they call "52". (I will explain that later.)
Anyway, that is OUR typical Sunday evening. I would love to hear about YOURS!!

The Weekend

You gotta love nerds and Jimmer!
Let's hear it for Purple Headbands!

Saturday was the "Cheap-O Dance" at the high school. Jordan's group spend the day playing board games, baking, hanging out and dining at Denny's. Of course they stopped by the house for pictures!

Great Quote

I came across this quote when I was reading my BYU Almuni Magazine.
"Happiness is not having what you like,
it is liking what you have."

It was from a talk by Sister Samuelson, Cecil Samuelson is the current President of BYU. Isn't that a great way to look at like? Just a thought!!! Happy Monday everyone. :0)

Friday, January 21, 2011


I guess I think that if I have no pictures to post I cannot post something on the blog. Then I started thinking... Why am I doing this blog anyway? My answer is simple.
So why do I have to have pictures to write a post? I love to follow other people's blogs. It may be because I am a self admitted reality t.v. junkie. I guess following others blogs is kind of like a reality television show right? But I keep my blog so I will have a family history when it is all said and done. I try to keep a journal too. For things that are not for the blog. I love my gratitude journal. Although with my other New Year's Resolutions this year I have had a bit of trouble writing in it this past month. Since we moved, we have been attending a new ward. This has given me an interesting prospective on things. I love hearing new people's comments, talks, and lessons in church. I also love that a new ward is an opportunity for a whole new set of friends. It is hard to go to a new ward. Especially when you are leaving one you love so much. But have vowed to take this opportunity and make something great of it.

As for the family... We haven't taken many pictures because we really have been running in alot of different directions this month. Mark coaching the JV basketball team, Jordan going to work and school and starting soccer, Whitney is with Mark alot keeping stats for the basketball team, doing school work, and with friends. Courtney with school, and basketball, and friends. And Madee and me, we are constant companions. Together in the mornings after everyone else leaves, then going to school together, coming home and making dinner together and running errands. Madee is right there with me. I am happy I have her. Things are never dull OR quiet with her around!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Break is over! It was fun while it lasted.

Sippin milkshakes and soda at Grandpa's favorite place "FUDRUCKERS".
Me and mom
Mark and Madee at "Mark's Place."
The Tabernacle
The family at Temple Square.
The Jazz Game!
Me and Whit at the Jazz game.
Whit, Court, and Mark.
Jordan and Daniel. Madee did not want to go so Daniel came instead.

I cannot believe the Christmas break is over. Another great thing about both Mark and I being teachers is the 2 week break at Christmas time. It is really fun being lazy together. Of course the week before Christmas is a blur since we went to Denver and we don't ever REALLY start our shopping until we get done with school. But the week after Christmas was good times full of staying up to late, sleeping in to long, and getting dressed after noon each day!
News Years Eve was spent with neighbors and friends. New Years Day the family came over and we had Chili, scones, and lots of good food. Jill and Jason were here and we played games and had a fabulous time together. I love having my family so close by. We were blesssed this Holiday Season to spend time with the Comstock family and the Jordan family. We count as one of our greatest blessing our extended family.