Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Prom

Katlyn's dress as it is being created.

Jordan's shirt.

Fancy dinner before the Prom.

Mark with "The 3 Hooded Posse"
His soccer girls. Callie, Cassie, and Dani.

Me with "My Girls" My Lovely Laurels!

Jordan and Me!

Jordan and Katlyn in their orignal Prom wear.

Saturday night was the Prom. It was such a great day. Jordan asked Katlyn. He asked her during the assembly when all the Student Body President hopefuls were doing skits. So he asked her in front of the WHOLE SCHOOL! She responded by sending him on a scavenger hunt all around town to many of the different places they have been together. He and his group had a full day. They went to Panaca to some caves, played capture the flag, about sank in some mud! (story on that later). They had a picnic lunch there and tried to swim in a lake they thought was there. The lake had dried up, hence the sinking mud. They came home and got all dolled up and then went to the Call's house for dinner. Sister Call is Jordan's Sunday School teacher and her husband Bother Call is Jordan's former Young Mens President. They are a great couple. They made a fancy yummy dinner for the kids. How many different ways can we say thank you to them? They had a four course meal on gold dinner plates with gold goblets for their sparkling cider. Then they went to the dance. So as you can see Jordan and Katelyn did something a bit different for their prom outfits. They had alot of fun making them and I think they looked great in them. People either loved them or hated them Katlyn said. Mark and I were chaperone's at the dance. I love to be there with the kids, I love seeing "my girls" (laurels) and Mark's soccer players looking so gorgeous. I read a story once about a YW who saw her laurel advisor on prom night and was mortified because she was embarrassed for her advisor to see her in her dress. I can say that in all the years I have been going to the prom I have never had one of "my girls" embarrassed to see me and show off there dress. I am so blessed to be a part of their lives. After the dance Jordan and his friends came to our house for eggs golden rod, Christmas snails, and MOUNTAIN DEW! The eggs golden rod is a tradition that goes back to 1988 when Mark and I went to the prom. His mom made us that for a after prom breakfast. I was thrilled when Jordan asked us to do the same. The Christmas snail and the mountain dew was our own added touch. Then the kids went back to the Call's house and watched a movie in their backyard. Jordan said they all had a great time. He is surrounded by a great group of friends. We are blessed that he has chosen such good people to associate with.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break 2010

David, me, Mark, and Dahlin
Mark and I :)
View coming up the lift. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Courtney, what mom?

Madee in her cave.

The Fam!

Jordan and his friends (and Madee) would this picture look alot cooler if a little girl hadn't made it to the "top of the world" with them?

The snow on our back porch.

It was called Spring Break on the school calendar but I think we had better weather on our Christmas Break. We still tried to have some fun. We all went to the dentist on Wednesday morning. (Keep reading it gets better) Wed. afternoon we went to see How To Train Your Dragon. With Grandpa, David and Julie and kids. On Thursday we woke up to about 18 inches of snow! So we decided to head south and find some Spring weather. We went to Red Cliffs. Jordan and Whitney took some friends and we all headed SOUTH. We found warmer weather and some beautiful scenery too. On Friday we headed North and had some fun in the snow at Brian Head. Mark, David, Dahlin, Dad, and I went skiing. The snow was so great. Probably the best snow I have ever skiied in at Brian Head. Yesterday we recovered from all our fun and took up some housekeeping issues. Today our Conference tradition of eggs golden rod for breakfast and conference watching. We also found time to find our Easter baskets. It was a quiet day. One reason I love Sundays they are usually pretty quiet. Especially ones you get to spend in your pjs!