Monday, June 29, 2009

The Summer Games have come and gone again for another year.  Whitney's team did a really good job!   They took the silver medal!  
The weather during all the games was soooo cold!  At the medal ceremony it was POURING rain.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I just love being a girl.

The other day on the way into to church the wind was blowing. ( Not much of a surprise here in Cedar, it has been blowing since our summer vacation started!) Anyway Madelynn said "Mom, I just love being a girl. On windy days the wind blows through your hair and you look pretty!" She and Courtney certainly do look pretty with their curls. Compliments of big sister Whitney and HOURS with a curling iron.

Mark and Whitney are now one year older!!!

We had a party for Whitney at the Park on Saturday. It was FREEZING COLD!!! These are some of our guests getting warm by the grill. Even with the cold the kids still had fun. These are all pictures of the party guests. Whitney could not narrow down her list she invited 48 of her best friends. Needless to say she now has a lifetime supply of lip gloss, shampoo, lotion, jewelery and some cash to boot.

Mark and Whitney had birthdays last week. Mark is 39. And Whitney is now 14. We went to St. George to shop, swim and eat on Friday to celebrate. We went to one of our favorite places "The Texas Road House." Here is a picture of Mark and Whitney on the bull listening to their birthday song!

Whitney's 8th grade graduation party

Ashlee, Whitney, and Alyssa (left) Madi, Whitney's favorite teacher, Mrs. Keyes, Whitney, and Hailee.

Whitney had a really fun party on
May 19th her 8th Grade Graduation Party!!!! Whitney is officially finished with Middle School. Yes, she will be in High School next year! I can hardly believe it myself. She has a great group of friends boys and girls that are such good kids. What a blessing it is that she has made good choices in friends. I have a big vinyl letter board in the basement family room that says "Choose your friends wisely, you tend to be like them." I am so happy that Whitney has done exactly that. Whitney wasn't to thrilled that I was at the Party with her. I volunteered to help the PTA out at the party. SO I was running around taking lots of pictures. I am sure one day Whitney will look back and be glad I was there. :)